BBC Breakfast star abandons show as viewers left baffled by lone microphone

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BBC Breakfast was left in chaos as one star appeared to abandon the show midway through a breaking news story about Boris Johnson.

It has now been announced that the Prime Minister will face a vote of no confidence tonight (June 6) from 6pm, after crowds booed him at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

On hand at Westminster was BBC reporter Helen Catt, with Sally explaining: "Actually Helen, we have moved you to a very specific place, because we are expecting some news imminently that's probably going to happen on College Green where you are.

"What more can you tell us?"

Helen was a professional as she completed her initial report, but later when the news officially broke, she was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, viewers were shown a lone boom microphone standing by itself in College Green, as Jon Kay hastened to explain: "Let's just show you the scene in College Green, in central London, directly opposite Parliament.

"That solitary microphone looks a little bit sad, doesn't it, but it's there for a very specific reason, because it is thought that it might be the spot where Sir Graham Brady, who is the chair of the Conservative group of MPs, the 1922 Committee.

"He is the one who has received, we know, at least what, nearly 30 letters, officially, from MPs calling for a no confidence vote in Boris Johnson?"

He then added: "We now can confirm live on Breakfast that we are going to have that confidence vote."

But things got even stranger as a man wrapped in a waterproof jacket approached the microphone, but didn't say anything into it.

Sally and Jon were quick to inform viewers that it wasn't Sir Graham who had arrived, but a BBC sound man prepping the set for his eventual arrival – but they were left giggling at the turn of events.

Sally told fans: "We are showing you pictures there of College Green because we were expecting Sir Graham Brady to make that announcement there, but the announcement itself has come from him.

"Not standing in front of that microphone, which he may do…"

Jon interrupted: "That wasn't him, that was the sound man, checking the…"

"I think that was the sound man!" Sally laughed in agreement.

Sir Graham did eventually appear, with the BBC crew performing various adjustments to the camera to get him suited properly – and to give viewers a glimpse into the filming process.

Viewers turned to Twitter to comment on proceedings in the meantime, with one writing: "Waiting for someone to walk up to the mic and say… ONE… TWO… ONE… TWO… TESTING…"

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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