BBC Breakfast viewers cringe as Naga Munchetty embroiled in furious on-air row

BBC Breakfast fans were left hiding behind their hands on Frirday, as presenter Naga Munchetty became embroiled in a furious on-air row.

She was presenting the show alongside Jon Kay on the red sofa, who often replaces series regular Charlie Stayt.

But it came during an interview with government Transport Secretary Grant Shapps that Naga really let loose.

The pair were discussing the controversial changes and axes to HS2, a high speed rail line which was supposed to link various cities with London to improve speeds and passenger comfort.

And immediately Naga spotted an opportunity to pin Grant in her line of questioning.

Laughing, Naga said: "What you're selling is a plan that is not what you promised! That's the basic fact. This government promised HS2, it pledged HS2. It was in the manifesto to promise HS2 high speed rail, and you aren't doing these today!"

Grant responded: "Well, we are getting HS2 trains up to Leeds, so part of it-"

Naga interrupted him as she said: "But they're on old tracks."

The MP went on to describe the 'upgrades' that will be made to existing lines – where originally lines would have been completely replaced with higher performing rail links.

He went on to say: "I've heard, for example, the mayor of Manchester complaining about it. Manchester gets the most extraordinary improvements in services, for example London to Manchester in an hour and 17 minutes…."

As he continued, Naga spoke over him to ask: "So are you saying you have to be careful about someone who says they're disappointed? Do you not believe them?"

"No, I mean, look – there's politics in all of this…" he responded, but as Naga attempted to interject with another question he interrupted: "No, just before you go on!"

As he insisted the government is delivering a "better" promise as to the HS2 – which would have allegedly only been ready in 2043 – Naga told him: "You're not delivering the same thing."

"Do you think people care about promises being kept?" Naga quizzed him, as she pointed out: "HS2 hasn't been kept. All of HS2 is not being kept. It was promised and it's not being kept."

Grant responded: "Are you actually saying – and I don't think your viewers will think this – that once upon a time we said we'd built HS2, cut through lots of towns and villages along the way and then not serve those communities […] we should just plough ahead with the old plan?"

Naga was quick to say: "Do you know what I think? You were saying what our viewers will think and if you refer to it as 'once upon a time, we promised something', that's a bit disingenuous, in the fact that this was a party manifesto pledge. This was a promise, it wasn't 'once upon a time we might do this'. You promised, and haven't delivered!"

And the awkward exchange wasn't missed by viewers at home, as they took to social media to post: "Naga's face was a picture when he lied straight to her face. She is thinking – are you that blatant? She asks him again and he just lies directly into the mic. They have no shame!"

Someone else praised the star: "Good interview by @TVNaga01 with Grant Shapps. Pressed Shapps on wanting to 'sell' his new packages, ignoring complaints of the broken promises made by Tories. He argued original plans were rubbish so North should be grateful of changes. Difficult subject for Naga."

"Great interview Naga, well done!" another fan chimed in.

However, someone else disagreed: "This is a good alternative on HS2 and brings forward fast travel 15 years sooner. It also saves a lot of money the country can ill afford."

And another viewer posted: "Absolutely shocking journalism. Another so called journalist that doesn’t understand the #HS2 scheme!"

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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