BBC shuts down complaints of bias towards during US election coverage

The BBC has shut down complaints its coverage of the US election was biased against Donald Trump and in favour of Joe Biden.

The corporation was hit with backlash from viewers as Biden was named the president-elect, including that of projecting Biden as the winner and ‘inaccurately reporting claims of electoral fraud’.

However, the BBC has refuted these complaints.

‘To date, there has been no evidence presented to any court in any state anywhere in America that any Judge has accepted as proof of what President Trump has described as “tremendous fraud” in the US elections,’ they said in a statement.

‘To date, no Secretary of State, Republican or Democrat, has said they have found evidence of  “tremendous fraud” in the US election process they have run in their states.

‘The British Government along with many other Western allies of America has accepted and congratulated President Elect Joe Biden on winning the election.

‘Along with every other major news organisation, both British and American, ranging from Fox News to NBC, the BBC stands by its projection that Joe Biden has passed the threshold of 270 electoral votes and has therefore won the 2020 elections.’

The BBC concluded: ‘We are confident our coverage was duly impartial and accurate as required by the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines.’

On Sunday, Trump admitted for the first time that Biden won the US presidential election but then said the whole thing had been ‘rigged’.

After his tweet earlier was widely reported as being ‘as close to a concession’ as Mr Trump is likely to come, he later clarified that he ‘concedes nothing.’

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