Below Deck Med season 6: Fans furious after Lexi’s shock ‘demotion’: ‘This is crazy’

Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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The chaos continues in the sixth season of Below Deck Mediterranean, which returned for its ninth episode Monday night on Bravo. Fans also got the chance to see the episode early last week on Peacock, and yet another social media storm has been brewing after Lady Michelle’s stewardesses were stripped of their ranks.

Below Deck fans have expressed their anger after controversial stew Lexi Wilson was ‘demoted’ in episode nine, ‘Brews, Stews & Management Blues’.

In the latest stage of the charter, Chief Stew Katie Flood is forced to bring a new hand on deck after struggling to keep her team afloat.

A teaser clip for next week’s instalment, ‘Burning Down the House’, has confirmed new crew member Delaney will be coming aboard.

Unfortunately, her arrival could cause some serious friction amongst the cabin team.

Rather than dismissing Lexi to let the new stew take her place, Katie instead stripped her team of their ranks so they would all be on equal footing.

Fans were surprised to see the sixth season’s most contentious crew member keep her job after the trouble she’s caused throughout the current charter.

Moreover, the stews’ demotion ruffled feathers as it meant they would all have to share equal tips with another colleague when she’s brought on board in the next episode.

Many viewers have called out Katie’s unprecedented decision as unfair to Lexi’s fellow stew, Courtney.

Viewers had already vented their frustrations with the stew reshuffling on Reddit once the new episode was made available on Peacock.

“This is crazy,” said one fan. “Everybody gets less tip money because Lexi is not going to do her job unless she gets her way.”

Another fan replied: “Katie screwed the whole crew regarding tips because she didn’t have the wherewithal to fire Lexi when she had a chance.”

Midway through the season, and it seems Lexi is still getting away with poor behaviour with very little consequence.

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Much of the audience were hoping this would be the week she would finally be sent packing after consistently picking fights with her superiors and fellow stews.

It was also a disappointment considering Captain Sandy Yawn’s recent social media post seemed to indicate Lexi wouldn’t be on the charter for much longer.

Over on Twitter, other fans have been calling on Captain Sandy and Katie to be harder on their crew going forward.

“It’s frustrating that Katie never throws Lexi under the bus knowing Lexi’s personality,” fumed one fan. “But it speaks VERY highly of Katie’s managerial style.”

While another put the responsibility squarely on the Captain’s shoulders, tweeting: “Lexi is the worst.

“And Sandy telling Katie she needs to give her another chance after Katie comes to her to express her concern is a load of c**p.”

For now, though, Lexi, Courtney and Delaney will have to overcome their differences and low tips to try and keep things shipshape.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 continues Mondays on Bravo. Episodes are available a week earlier on Peacock.

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