Ben Foden accused of gaslighting an ex girlfriend after she spoke out about his drugs binge – The Sun

BEN Foden has been accused of gaslighting an ex after she spoke about his drugs binge.

The rugby ace sent intimidating messages about Miriam Murphy following her revelations over their fling.

And his behaviour during their relationship left her needing therapy, she says.

Officer manager Miriam, 40, said: “He’s turned nasty, he’s gaslighting me.

"Whenever he cheated, he would just turn around and accuse me. I’ve needed therapy.”

She had spoken out following the former England international’s wedding last week to Jackie Smith, whom he had been dating for only a fortnight.

Miriam said he had bragged about taking cocaine and MDMA.

But in a message to one of her pals, Ben, 34, raged: “She’s a s***** person, an embarrassment with no job and no future.

"I left her for someone far better."

The scrumbag signed off the message with “#loser”.

WhatsApp texts sent during their romance also show him accusing Miriam of trying to “bully a confession” out of him after she confronted him for cheating on her.

Ben had also demanded proof that she had not sent a sexy selfie to other men.

Miriam has accused him of gaslighting her — a term for psychological abuse where the aggressor makes their victim doubt their sanity.

Her claims come after The Sun revealed he had romped with two women before he met his new wife.

Ben allegedly cheated on first wife Una Healy, 37, with whom he has two children.

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