Ben Shephard floors fans with ‘getting hold of danglers’ remark on Tipping Point

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Ben Shephard sent Tipping Point viewers into hysterics as a let slip a hilarious 'danglers' innuendo.

It was a player named Simon's turn on the ITV show and he was attempting to retrieve some counters dangling over the edge of the iconic machine.

The counters had been pushed close to the front by his fellow contestant Linda, and Ben proceeded to make a hilarious remark about the suspended coins.

He said: "Can you get hold of Linda's danglers?"

Viewers went into meltdown on Twitter after hearing the hilarious innuendo.

One said: "Linda's danglers!!!!! OMG Ben stop it".

While another penned: "CAN YOU GET HOLD OF LINDA'S DANGLERS".

"'Can you get hold of Linda's danglers' lol! Ben Shephard makes me laugh bless him", added a third.

A fourth remarked: "Did I just hear that right?? Ben Shephard saying can you get hold of Linda's danglers! On Tipping Point".

Ben Shephard was active on Twitter when the episode aired and he replied to a tweet posted by comedian Ted Robbins about his hilarious innuendo.

He said: "I'm assuming there were some considerably dangly counters that Linda had left Ted? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable/innocent question to me", with a laughing emoji.

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