Ben Shephard makes cheeky dig at Susanna Reids dressing gown dress on GMB

Good Morning Britain turned slightly awkward on Monday morning as Ben Shephard appeared to make fun of Susanna Reid's now infamous dressing gown dress from last week

The 50-year-old presenter was forced to explain her wardrobe choice on the ITV breakfast show on Thursday as her pink wrap dress left her co-stars and viewers convinced she was sporting a dressing gown.

Susanna and her co-star Ben Shephard welcomed former Apprentice contestants Joanna Jarjue and Michaela Wain to the programme on Monday to discuss work dress code.

Joanna argued that it's a "sign of respect" to dress well for work, while Michaela said that she wears tracksuits to the office.

Susanna couldn't help but bring up her now infamous "dressing gown dress" from last week.

Taking on Monday's show, Susanna joked: Why not wear your dressing gown to work. That's my view."

Ben added: "The question is whether it's appropriate attire for first thing in morning. If you're home in your bedroom maybe, on national television?

Susanna replied: "It's breakfast television."

"It was breakfast, you're right there," Ben joked.

Viewers at home couldn't help but bring up Susanna's wrap dress on social media this morning.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Work dress code, are we going to talk about Susanna’s dressing gown?"

Another added:"Well considering Susanna was wearing her dressing gown the other morning."

"Remember Susanna wore a dressing gown last week," a third person typed.

Appearing alongside co-host Ben on Thursday, Susanna was forced explained she bought the garment online and was aware that it was causing confusion in the studio and at home.

She said on Thursday’s programme: "I just want to point out that I did get dressed this morning, I didn’t come in in my dressing gown."

Ben joked: "There is a little something Margot from The Good Life. I like it as a look."

Newsreader Kate Garraway added: "You look lovely, what are you talking about?"

"It wasn’t in the dressing gown section but then I did buy it online, so maybe I did accidentally!’ Susanna went on.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

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