Ben Shephard vents frustration over Tipping Point player: Thought itd be better

Tipping Point: Ben Shephard says ‘that’s so frustrating’

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Contestant Mark, a landscape gardener, made it to the final of ITV’s Tipping Point hoping to win the jackpot of £10,000. He became tantalisingly close after a run of successful rounds on the game show but sadly missed out on the winning amount. Host and Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard sympathised with Mark as he failed to mask his frustrations: “You played such a great game.”

It came as Mark’s successful run on Monday’s episode of the ITV show came to an abrupt end.

He managed to beat fellow players Sue, Naomi and Ash to continue with the game alone.

Answering several of the early questions correctly and strategically winning counters, Ben clearly had high hopes for Mark.

When it came to the final section though, Mark didn’t seem to be able to get hold of the jackpot counter.

Making a decision on the placement of the counter after his co-stars left, Mark stated: “Well, drop zone one’s been really good to me all day so I’m going to stick with that and go drop zone one.”

He told Ben about his dream of flying first-class to South America to view the solar eclipse.

Mark then answered a string of questions correctly, but the machine seemed to turn against him.

Unfortunately, he also faced a series of questions he found difficult, which took him further away from his chance of securing the £10,000.

As the counter refused to budge from the top shelf, Ben knew it would be impossible for Mark to win it.

“Ah, Mark it’s so frustrating!” The 46-year-old host commented.

“Because you played such a great game to get to this point, I thought it’d go a little bit better than that.

“So, sadly, as things stand, usually at this stage I would offer you a trade.

“Three final counters for what you’ve got so far in the hope of getting the jackpot counter out.

“Given that the jackpot counter’s still sitting there on the top shelf, I think I know what you’re going to say, but I need to ask nonetheless, would you like to take the money or the trade?”

“I’ll take the money please, Ben,” Mark decided, unsurprisingly.

“I think that’s very wise, well done Mark,” Ben remarked.

He continued: “£2,800 that’s not quite enough to get you first-class, but certainly could get you to South America to see the solar eclipse.”

“That’s definitely enough to get me there,” the positive player commented.

“Which will be an amazing experience, I’m sure,” Ben added.

He asked: “Have you enjoyed yourself?”

“Absolutely,” Ben replied. “Wonderful, every minute of it’s been great.”

“I’m thrilled to bits that you came in and took part,” Ben exclaimed.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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