Big Bang Theory plot hole: Leonard’s myopia contradicted in key scene

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The successful nerdy comedy finally ended last year when sitcom star Jim Parsons decided to depart the CBS series. As the coronavirus outbreak continues, fans have been returning to The Big Bang Theory for quality lockdown entertainment, but have unfortunately spotted some critical errors.

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As well as taking the crown of TV’s geekiest comedy cast, Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) and his roommate Leonard (Johnny Galecki) were renowned for their complicated friendship.

The petty and obsessive Sheldon and the more timid Leonard frequently had their disagreements, and their bond was tested in the season one episode, The Pancake Batter Anomaly.

After refusing to believe Sheldon is getting sick due to his germaphobia and hypochondriac tendencies, Leonard quickly makes a dash out of their apartment when he discovers his roommate is bed-ridden in the morning.

This leaves Sheldon in the care of Penny (Kaley Cuoco), upon which he makes increasingly excessive demands to nurse him back to health.

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Meanwhile, Leonard tries to enjoy a Planet of the Apes movie marathon, before his friend Howard (Simon Helberg) accidentally breaks his glasses just before the first film is about to start.

As anyone who needs glasses at the movie theatre will know, sitting through five two-hour movies with blurred vision would be an incredibly painful task, so he decides to brave being stopped by Sheldon and heads back to the apartment for a spare pair.

Unfortunately, given his short-sightedness, or myopia, Leonard soon risks serious injury when he crashes into one of the pillars in their living room.

While Leonard’s short-sighted stumbling around made for a classic sitcom moment, some fans were quick to point out the lack of realism in the scene.

One fan in particular took to discussion forums to voice their grievance with Leonard’s poor vision.

They said: “Leonard’s myopia is greatly exaggerated in this episode. Even with high myopia he should still be able to navigate his apartment without aid especially after living there for seven years.”

Although myopia can cause objects at a distance to appear significantly blurred, those with poor vision should still be able to navigate round a simple pillar without crashing into it head first.

Moreover, if Leonard’s eyesight was truly so bad as to render him nearly blind as he staggered around the living room, he would need a lot more than glasses to set his vision right.

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The fan also rightly pointed out how at this point in the series, Leonard and Sheldon have been living in the apartment for some time now.

Even if Leonard couldn’t see where he was going, after seven years in the same building he should have some basic muscle memory to guide him around the apartment.

Despite standing the test of time and remaining on air for twelve years, some observant fans couldn’t help pointing out the series’ frequent writing errors.

Sheldon’s geeky credentials were put to the test when another fan noticed his major mistake about his old Nintendo console.


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Plus, viewers noticed yet another contradiction about Leonard’s own body when he claimed to have his last growth spurt on two different locations.

Thankfully, the series’ fast-paced comedic style was enough for most fans to overlook blunders like this, and The Big Bang Theory brought geek humour into the mainstream.

The series also lives on with prequel spin-off Young Sheldon, which explores the early life of Sheldon Cooper as a child prodigy in 1980s and 90s Texas.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix.

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