'Big Sky' [SPOILERS]: Here's What You Can Expect From Season 1, Episode 2

ABC’s new series Big Sky has finally premiered, and it left viewers shocked and in disbelief. A lot has happened, and fans have only seen one episode so far. What can you expect from episode 2? We have all the information below, which contains spoilers from episodes 1 and 2.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from ‘Big Sky’]

What happened in the season premiere of ‘Big Sky’?

The new series, created by David E. Kelley and based on the novel series by C.J. Box, set a lot of things in motion in the premiere. Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) and his ex-cop estranged wife, Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), are separated and are in the midst of a love triangle. Cody’s private investigator partner, Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) has been messing around with Cody, leading to a lot of drama. Jenny and Cassie even trade punches over it.

Jenny and Cody’s son, Justin (Gage Marsh), reveals to his parents that his girlfriend and her sister, Danielle (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Grace (Jade Pettyjohn) never arrived as expected. Justin’s parents get to work in locating them, as Cody hits the road and Jenny and Cassie work from the office.

It turns out the girls were taken by a truck driver named Ronald Pergman (Jade Pettyjohn) on a rural road in Montana, but that hasn’t been revealed to the main characters yet.

Major Spoiler Ahead

Cody teams up with a state trooper

The secretary at the private investigator’s office, Denise (Dedee Pfeiffer), puts Cody in touch with a state trooper named Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch). Cody learns from the trooper that these aren’t the first girls to go missing in the area.

Cody and Rick meet up to discuss the next moves. Then Cody hears from his wife, and learns that 12 women have gone missing in the area, most of them last seen at truck stops. Cody and the trooper decide to head to a local church to check out the attendee list for long-haul truckers.

But after Rick gets in the truck, he shoots Cody, killing him instantly. He gets out of the vehicle and pulls out his phone to call the truck driver. “Ronald, you’ve been sloppy,” Rick says into the phone.

The ending was extremely shocking, and many fans certainly didn’t see it coming.

Here’s what you can expect from season 1, episode 2

According to ABC, the new episode is called Nowhere to Run and here is the official synopsis: “Forced to form an unlikely team, Cassie and Jenny set out to continue the search for the missing girls. Meanwhile, Danielle, Grace and Jerrie get to work on planning their escape, leading Legarski to struggle with the consequences of his actions as a distracted Ronald deals with a difficult relationship with his mother.”

There is also a new trailer for the episode as well. It starts with Rick speaking to the truck driver who abducted the women. “Ronald, I’m very disappointed in you,” Rick tells him.

Meanwhile back at the office, Jenny hasn’t yet heard from her husband. “What about this Montana state trooper?” Jenny asks, clearly searching for leads already.

Denise tells Cassie that Rick is “as harmless as they come.” She also adds, “He doesn’t even give out speeding tickets.”

Cassie will meet Rick in episode 2, as is evident when he knocks on her window and says, “Woah there.”

Meanwhile, the sisters who were kidnapped, Danielle and Grace, are being held somewhere with Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel), who was also kidnapped. “If he was going to kill us, he would have done so,” Grace says.

Justin asks his mother why no one is out looking, presumably for the girls, as they don’t yet know what happened to Cody. “It hasn’t even been a day,” Jenny says. The next scene shows her with a photograph. She has some money she’s offering as well for information.

“So we just sit and wait?” Justin asks.

“No, we do not wait,” his mother tells him, as she has every intention of finding the missing girls. There’s even a scene of Jenny loading her firearm, presumably getting ready for anything.

The last moment in the trailer is of Rick telling Ronald, “Things are about to take an uglier turn.”

We’ll have to see what else episode two of Big Sky has in store. It premieres on November 24, 2020, at 10 p.m. E.S.T.

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