Blessed to have! Ferrari launches passionate defence of quintessential Royal Family

Queen: Britain is ‘blessed’ to have monarch says Ferrari

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As This Morning hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary discussed a photograph of the smiling monarch, which has taken the front page of several newspapers today, they asked Matthew Wright and Nick Ferrari to share their thoughts and both praised the Queen for providing a change of pace to the upsetting photographs usually taking up the front pages. However, Matthew explained he was a republican, which led to Nick delving into a fiery defence of the royals.

The picture shows the Queen viewing a collection of hand-decorated teapots which had been brought to Windsor Castle.

She looked delighted as observed the items on display.

Matthew stated: “I’m a republican but I find it very difficult to offer well-worded criticism of her majesty The Queen because she conducts herself so brilliantly.”

He added: “And that memorial service [for Prince Philip], I think you’re absolutely right, Dermot, that is clearly the number one thing in her mind.”

Alison replied: “And Nick? She’s looking amazing out and about! She looks great as far as I’m concerned.”

Nick remarked: “You know what, Alison? When I looked at the front pages and we’ve had so many pictures, quite rightly by the way, of the war in Ukraine, of maternity hospitals being bombed, of people sheltering – whatever else.

“And cities being raised to the ground and then we have pictures of people in real, real dire needs and in poverty, there was this woman just beaming from the front pages of the newspapers.

“It absolutely lifted my heart. I’m not on the same page as Matthew on this one, I do believe in the Royal Family.”

Embarking on a defence of the monarch, he continued: “I think they bring something, a quintessential value to this country and she is going to get there.

“And talking about people who are able to make conversation, I’m sure you all know if you’ve met her, her ability – she can talk to absolutely anybody on any level.

“And we are absolutely blessed to have her at these times.”

The pictures came from the Queen’s latest public engagement.

It took place five days before the planned memorial for the Queen’s late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

She was shown the items by Staffordshire company Halcyon Days.

It came after the 95-year-old had been forced to cancel a plane visit to the story in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Instead, the factory decided to come to her so she could be presented with the items.

The monarch has sparked concern recently after reports state she has been in ill-health and unable to travel.

As she prepared to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee the Queen has been pictured using a stick to aid her walking.

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