Bradley Walsh scolds playing for link to rival show Not winning!

The Chase: Bradley Walsh reacts to player's Pointless reveal

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The Chase featured Fiona, who was the last to do her cash-builder round. With one player already gone, the pressure was on for her to perform well and add some more money to the team’s collective amount. ITV presenter Bradley Walsh introduced Fiona and asked her about her life, and she unwisely let slip that she had taken part in BBC’s Pointless. Bradley raged: “Are you kidding me?” as he accused her of making The Chase her second choice.

Chaser Mark “The Beast” Labbett was the one taking on the players in Thursday’s instalment of the popular quiz show.

He had managed to catch one contestant and was feeling confident he could defeat the team.

After asking Fiona to take her turn, Bradley questioned her about her career.

Getting to know her hobbies, he then asked: “What do you do to relax?”

“I love a pub quiz,” Fiona replied. “I go with my parents and my boyfriend.”

“Have you got a team name?” Bradley probed but would soon end up regretting the question.

“We do, in fact, our team name is Team Supreme – which is based on [when] my mum and I went on Pointless a few years ago,” Fiona confessed.

She continued: “And she gave a terrible answer that was based on The Supremes, the girl band.

“And so we’ve not let her forget it ever since,” she added as Bradley stared at Fiona blankly until she realised her mistake.

“I shouldn’t have mentioned Pointless,” she admitted, laughing.

Looking disgusted, Bradley asked: “So, we’re your second choice, basically?”

“Never!” Fiona argued. “I’ve been dying to get on this show!”

“Did you win on Pointless?” the 62-year-old inquired curiously.

“No!” Fiona answered. “So hopefully I’ll have better luck today with some of the team members.”

“Not in a million years are you going to win now!” Bradley threatened as the group laughed.

He went on to say: “I wish you luck… Here’s your first question,” before asking: “What’s my mum, Margaret’s, third middle name?”

Laughing at the joke, Fiona took a stab at the answer anyway and replied: “Judith?”

“No, time’s running out,” Bradley quipped. The irritated host sighed and added: “Pointless! Are you kidding me?”

He then asked the brave contestant: “What’s your mum’s name?”

“Denise,” Fiona replied, to which Bradley asked: “Right, if you win some money, what are you going to do with it?”

“I’d love to buy a designer handbag,” Fiona explained. Bradley wished her luck and began Fiona’s real round.

Despite a promising performance, the team ultimately lost to Mark, with him beating them with three seconds to spare.

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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