Brits told to lead world with climate action Dont to try to outsource blame to China

Climate crisis: We must not blame China says Rupert Read

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Author of Parents for a Future, Rupert Read, has urged Britons to make the UK “great again” by leading the world on climate action, rather than blaming big polluting countries like China. It came as Cop26, the climate summit, is fast approaching.

Speaking to GB news, author Rupert Read said: “Let me just respond to the point about China.

“I think it’s really important that every time that China is brought up in this conversation, we’re very clear that the main reason why China is such a big polluter, is that it is producing a huge amount of consumer goods, for us, for us in the Global North.

“So it really won’t do for us to try to outsource the blame to China.

“The responsibility begins here in countries like ours.”


He continued: “And really what we need to do at this moment in history is we need to lead.

“People who want to blame China or Russia, it seems to me they really seem to be abdicating the responsibility for what we can do to make the situation so much better.

“So, in a country like ours, we could lead the world in terms of change, making the kinds of changes that are needed.

“But instead, unfortunately, what we’re doing is things like having new coal mines, having HS2, having a huge road-building program, having a new oil field developed.”

“These are things that are all happening right now in Great Britain.

“So what I say is, let’s make Great Britain great again. 

“Let’s actually lead on this issue and not try to distract attention by talking about what other countries may or may not be doing.”

Cop26 is taking place in Glasgow at the end of this month.

Leaders from around the world will meet to discuss how to minimise global temperature rises caused by human activity.

China has been the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases (which are responsible for rising temperatures) for a decade, largely because of its dependence on coal.

However, sources have confirmed that President Xi Jinping would not be attending Cop26. 

It is thought he has not left China since early 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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