‘Can’t believe you’d say genocide’ Vine guest furiously slaps down Just Stop Oil protestor

Jeremy Vine: Just Stop Oil protestor clashes with Geoff Norcott

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Jeremy Vine was joined in the studio by comedian Geoff Norcott and broadcaster Jemma Forte on Wednesday while Just Stop Oil’s Nathan McGovern beamed into the Channel 5 show live during a protest at the Navigator Terminals in Essex. Harbouring inside the depot, Nathan sternly protested inaction from the government regarding the prevention of future fossil projects equated to “genocide” and even personally attacked Jeremy for pretending to “care” about the repercussions the organisation’s protests would have on the NHS and other emergency services.

“Don’t pretend you care about the NHS,” Nathan blasted Jeremy towards the start of their interview when the Channel 5 host asked for his thoughts on the potentially devastating consequences of his actions.

Nathan claimed Jeremy was merely promoting the “narrative” set out by “producers” and that his group’s actions were to protect his future.

But once Nathan described the use of oil and fossil fuels across the globe as “genocide”, Geoff couldn’t bite his tongue and promptly cut in.

Nathan had said: “They [the government] still plan to approve 40 of them, that is genocide so don’t talk to me about pretending to care about ordinary people when you’re sat in a studio -“

“But it’s absolutely not genocide, is it?” Geoff tried to interject, prompting Jeremy to weigh in: “My studio guest Geoff is coming in, it’s not genocide?”

Geoff argued: “It’s absolutely not genocide and do you know what? The simplicity of this ‘Just Stop Oil’ at a time when we’re trying to deal with something that is happening in Eastern Europe.

“And you have the absolute gall to use the word ‘genocide’ about something that powers, yes, things that are damaging to the environment,

“But as Jeremy says, hospitals, ambulances… I just can’t believe how you could use the word ‘genocide’ at this point in time.”

Nathan hit back, however: “I would suggest you go and tell that to the people in Ecuador who can’t grow food because there is oil seeping into the land they live on.

“I suggest you go and tell that to the President of Barbados who spoke at COP26 and said within years we’re going to see their islands underwater.”

However, the use of phrasing still irked Geoff and fellow guest Jemma who also claimed she’d have used different language to get across the point.

And the row was replicated by viewers at home who were quick to weigh in with their thoughts on Nathan’s protests and comments.

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On Twitter, Louise Brooks argued: “There is a democratic route available to these eco-fascists to persuade people to change but they choose anarchy instead to force their unpopular views on to the populous #JeremyVine.”

While Marc Lungley weighed in: “@JustStop_Oil really bad choice of representative on #JeremyVine you needed someone nice retiree. He didn’t win hearts and minds.”

And @VAS6323 protested: “We’re already facing starvation and freezing to death because of energy costs, without these protesters stopping our oil. #jeremyVine.”

But Jennifer Mills sympathised: “God bless Nathan, fighting to save the lives of everyone in the world by sitting in the rafters of a fuel loading platform in Essex. Someone get that lad a sandwich. #JeremyVine #Oil.” (sic)

The debate arose as Wednesday marks the fifth day Just Stop Oil protestors have caused chaos in Grays, Essex.

The group have blockaded roads around the Navigator and taken position inside underground tunnels.

Since protests began, nearly 200 protestors have been arrested.

They have called on Boris Johnson to promise the government will not allow more fossil fuel projects in the UK.

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays at 9:15am on Channel 5.

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