Caroline Hawley children: Does the Bargain Hunt expert have children?

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Caroline Hawley is a Bargain Hunt expert who specialises in costumes and textiles, as well as French antiques. She is a beloved member of the BBC daytime show, regularly hosting and giving top tips to the red and blue teams on finding hidden treasures. So fans are naturally curious about the Bargain Hunt star’s life away from the cameras.

Caroline Hawley, 55, developed a love of antiques at a very early age, teaching herself the trade as a teenager.

She opened up her first shop when she was a youngster, called Penny Farthing Antiques in 1983.

Caroline previously told the BBC she would start buying and selling items in her village hall with proceeds going to charity.

Of course, she has since moved up in the world since the days of Penny Farthing.

Caroline made her TV debut on BBC’s Flog It!, before joining the cast of Bargain Hunt in 2013.

She has also appeared on Antiques Road Trip and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth so has plenty of experience in front of the screen.

Her love for antiques goes beyond her work on TV though as she has also got her own business.

Caroline runs Hawley’s Auctioneers and Valuers with her husband ex-footballer John Hawley which is based in North Cave and Beverley in East Yorkshire.

Does the Bargain Hunt expert Caroline Hawley have children?

Yes, Caroline has two children, sons James and Charles who she shares with her ex-husband Phil.

She has been married to her current husband John since 2008, so her children must be at least in their teens or early 20s.

As with most of the Bargain Hunt stars, Caroline tends to keep her private life away from the public eye.

On social media, she tends to either share pictures from behind-the-scenes on Bargain Hunt or of her beloved dog Mamba.

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She has given an insight into the eventful birth of her second son Charles though.

Caroline explained to The Sun: “I was heavily pregnant with Charles at one auction, and in fact I went into labour as I was bidding for something or other.

“I managed to buy it before I was carted off to the maternity unit!”

In the next episode of Bargain Hunt, Caroline will be heading off to Kent.

The synopsis for the latest instalment of Bargain Hunt which airs on Wednesday, March 23, at 12.15pm, reads: “Today’s Bargain Hunt comes from Detling in Kent, where Natasha Raskin Sharp is leading proceedings.

“Caroline Hawley and Raj Bisram give the teams a helping hand as they go in search of profit-making finds to sell at auction.

“Natasha takes time out with a cup of tea as she checks out Teapot Island, which houses a collection of more than 8,000 novelty teapots, and discovers how they became a kitchen fashion accessory.”

Bargain Hunt is available to watch weekdays at 12.15pm on BBC One.

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