Catherine Tyldesley insists her tiny waist is NOT airbrushed and says she works 'b****y hard' to stay slim

CORONATION Street legend Catherine Tyldesley has hit back after being accused of Photoshopping her waist.

The 37-year-old actress shared a picture of herself on Sunday – but was dismayed when followers claimed she had airbrushed it to make herself slimmer.

She fumed: "To those negative few telling me waist isn't real. I work b***y hard to have a waist. B****r off."

In a long post to her cruel critics, she presented "exhibit A" – sharing a shot of her in a white corset shooting Eva Price's wedding in Corrie in 2018.

She insisted: "I pride myself on never airbrushing my Instagram pics.

"I wouldn't even know where to start. I am the least technical person I know.

"For those commenting on my waist- I have always had a tiny waist. I work b****y hard at the gym to stay healthy.

"If you've got a problem with my waist I suggest you unfollow- and try to be kinder to people with small waist lines. 

"May you find peace you negative folk. I will pray for you."

She had come under fire from some followers after posting a professional picture of herself on one of her "fave shoots".

A post shared by Catherine Tyldesley (@auntiecath17)

One wrote: "Disappointed. You talk about people body shaming and being who you are.

"And yet post this so photo shopped picture of you having absolutely NO waist and everything pitch perfect. I did admire you 😢."

She was quickly supported by her celebrity pals, with Vicky Pattison writing: "Jesus 😍." Stacey Dooley added simply: "😍."

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