Celebrity Big Brother’s Jamie O'Hara opens up about money worries with ex-wife Danielle Lloyd

JAMIE O’Hara has opened up about his ex-wife Danielle Lloyd and their financial issues during another moaning session on Celebrity Big Brother.

Speaking about their relationship on Saturday’s episode, Jamie admits: “When I was with her, I was earning really good money and she kind of expected that to continue.

“I’m not on that money no more!”

Jamie has spoken openly in the house about their relationship, despite previously saying he wouldn't be speaking about it.

Last April the 30-year-old revealed his maintenance payments to Danielle on Twitter, claiming he paid a “13k mortgage and all bills paid for, £2,500k maintenance, £500 nursery fees.”

Jamie – who has three young sons with Danielle – went on to tell his CBB housemates the situation was “draining” before saying: “I’m trying to re-build myself.”

Aside from having Danielle on his mind, it seems Jamie is still keen on his co-star Jasmine Waltz.

Before hopping into bed with Jasmine and Calum – who is also vying for her attention – Jamie admits again that he's into her.

Speaking to Angie Best, Jamie said: “I like her…as a person…I wouldn’t say no.”

But it seems Jamie knows he could have a fight on his hands, as Calum is getting rather close to her.

Sitting in the diary room, Jamie says: “I need to get my bromance back together with Calum, Jasmine is getting involved in both!



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“She seems fun and up for a laugh. Jasmine is a beautiful girl; I’m not one to compete.

“I don’t want to lose my boy! I think I may be kicked out my bed soon…”

On Friday Calum and Jamie's rivalry over Jasmine was played out…as the trio were asked to act out their love triangle.

The producers were given the task of dishing out different scenarios to their co-stars, to watch how they'd react if it were a real situation.

While Ray J and Stacy went head to head playing each other, Calum and Jamie played themselves as they fought for Jasmine's affection.

During their scene Calum walked over and joked: "Why are you trying to make moves on my chick? We're supposed to be boys."

Both men then grabbed one of Jasmine's arms each and dragged her down the stairs, before bursting into laughter.

It came after Jamie was asked who he thought was the most attractive girl in the house earlier this week, to which he said: "Jasmine."

And the pair have already figured out Spencer Pratt's plan to set them up together.

Playing matchmaker and troublemaker in one go, Spencer targeted Jamie last night by telling him he was losing “his girl” to Calum.

Later on in the garden he admitted to Loose Women star Coleen Nolan that Jasmine is his “type of girl”, saying “I like wild”.

But he then admitted that he “needs to be careful”.

To which Coleen said that it “doesn’t mean he can’t have a flirt”.

In the diary room , Jasmine told Big Brother that Spencer Pratt was trying to “hook” her and Jamie up. She said that Jamie is her type because he has the right attributes but “my type isn’t a newly divorced guy with three kids, so yes and no.”

Both celebrities have explosive relationship histories.

Jasmine was involved in a romance the last time she was in the CBB house in 2014.

She was in a love triangle with Blue singer Lee Ryan and glamour model Casey Batchelor.

And Jamie was married to former glamour girl Danielle Lloyd, but they divorced after reports he cheated on her .

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