Channel 4's Naked Attraction is looking for new contestants to strip off and find love on the show

CHANNEL 4 are looking for new contestants to strip off on Naked Attraction.

The dating show – which is hosted by presenter Anna Richardson – sees brave love hunters bare all to their potential loves on national television.

And now with the sixth series airing on telly, the production company are looking for even more people willing to strip off for the show.

Brave hopefuls need to fill in the application form on the website to be in with a shot.

Earlier this week fans compared a contestant to "Jay from The Inbetweeners" as they accused him of LYING about his sexual experiences.

Forensic science student Charlie, 21, was on the controversial Channel 4 show to choose a date from a selection of six fully naked ladies.

Throughout his time on the programme, Charlie boasted about being a BDSM "master", having the biggest penis of all of his friends, and gave thorough evaluations of every woman's vagina.

Viewers were shocked as he complained about one of the hopeful's pubic hair and declared larger boobs "too big" – before adding that they "do have some uses" as he detailed a crude sex act.

Before any of the women were revealed, Charlie told host Anna Richardson: "I do a few bits and bobs in the bedroom, I am quite into BDSM.

"I'm the dominant one, I've been called 'master', 'sir', all that kind of business – I love it."

Later, once his prospective dates' privates were unveiled, fans were horrified as he analysed each one – even claiming that he could tell that one of them would feel "looser" just by looking at it.

Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their reaction to Charlie's comments – with several comparing them to James Buckley's hapless schoolboy character in the Channel 4 sitcom.

Buckley played Jay Cartwright in The Inbetweeners, an inexperienced virgin who claimed that he was having wild sexual encounters to his pals.

One fan wrote: "Getting a strong Jay from Inbetweeners vibe from this guy".

Another added: "Jay from The Inbetweeners looks like he’s never seen a vagina before, says 'wow' every time he sees the naked girls, and expects us to believe he is a BDSM 'master' – jog on sunshine!"

A third said: "Has this guy on #NakedAttraction really just looked at a naked woman said: 'I feel like she might have a loose vagina', ERM WHAT? You’ve got to laugh!"

This is far from the only shocking memorable contestant the Channel 4 show has had over the years, with the unlucky-in-love hopefuls regularly leaving viewers stunned.

One woman once revealed that she called her privates a "bat cave" – and even had a Batman tattoo for show.

Reality star Lauren Harries also caused shockwaves when she appeared on the programme, throwing a tantrum when she was rejected by the potential suitor.

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