'Chicago Fire' Season 10: Details Fans Need to Remember Before the Rest of the Season Airs

NBC’s One Chicago shows are back, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next as the season finales inch closer. Chicago Fire Season 10 has already offered several twists and turns to fans, and we’re not done yet. Here’s what viewers need to remember from earlier in the season as Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 17 airs.

Sylvie Brett temporarily left to be with Matt Casey in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10

Matt Casey left during episode 200. Fans adore Jesse Spencer as a Chicago Fire cast member, and they didn’t want to see him go. Ultimately, the actor wanted to pursue other opportunities and spend time with his family. As for Matt Casey, he left to help care for the late firefighter Andy Darden’s kids.

So, is Sylvie Brett leaving permanently? That was the question on fans’ minds when she recently left to go visit Casey. But it seems she’ll return. During season 10, she told the firehouse she needed to spend time with Casey face-to-face due to difficulties in their long-distance relationship.

Matt Casey is set to be Kelly Severide’s Best Man in his wedding

Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd took a huge step in their relationship in Chicago Fire Season 10. Severide gave Kidd a ring after the difficulties in their relationship. Heading into the end of the season, the two are solid. And fans need to remember the closeness of Matt Casey and Kelly Severide’s friendship. Additionally, Casey is set to be Severide’s Best Man at the wedding.

Fans can expect to see Casey again by the season finale. Us Weekly says the Chicago Fire showrunners remain “very hopeful” Jesse Spencer can return for the finale. This likely means the finale is Severide’s wedding.

Blake Gallo and Violet Mikami had a past sexual relationship

Violet Mikami and Chief Evan Hawkins began a relationship in Chicago Fire Season 10, much to the dismay of Blake Gallo. Gallo and Mikami remain close friends in the firehouse. But fans should remember their past. They went to the same fire academy together and had a history of competing against each other. Additionally, they had a sexual relationship.

Mikami and Hawkins seem smitten with each other, but will it last? Fans should expect Mikami could have a change of heart, given her past with Gallo.

A minor ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 and ‘Chicago Med’ Season 7 crossover is set to happen

Chicago Fire Season 10 hasn’t featured any major crossovers, but that could change. “At this point, we don’t have a major crossover planned, but we do have minor ones,” Chicago Med producer Diane Frolov told TV Insider.

“So, you’ll see the Fire and P.D. people on our show and vice versa,” producer Andrew Schneider added.

Fans still don’t know exactly what the crossover entails or which cast members will crossover to where. But given what the Chicago Med showrunners shared, we might see several mini crossovers before the One Chicago seasons end. Expect to see Chicago Fire cast members heading over to Chicago Med. Hopefully, no fan-favorite characters are in too much danger moving forward.

Chicago Fire Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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