Chris Evans reveals he gave Nicki Chapman a big bear hug following her life-saving brain tumour operation

CHRIS Evans revealed that he gave Nicki Chapman a "big bear hug" after her life-saving brain tumour operation.

The 53-year-old DJ was told off by Nicki's husband, Dave Shackleton, who was concerned that his huge embrace would damage her surgery scars.

Nicki, 52, spoke out about her devastating diagnosis on Chris Evans' Virgin Radio Breakfast Show earlier this morning, revealing that it has only been nine to 10 weeks since she got the terrible news.

Speaking to Chris, the star explained: "Nine to 10 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour… It was literally in April.

"I still have a little bit of it left, but the good news is I'm smiling."

Chris was stunned to learn that it had only been a matter of weeks, recalling bumping into Nicki at an event shortly after she'd had the majority of the tumour removed.

He said: "I saw you at Chelsea and I came to give you a hug, I hadn't see you in ages."

Nicki replied: "My husband was like: 'Be careful with her head!!' as [you] gave me such a bear hug.

"I was like: 'Mind the head', as it was two weeks after my surgery. The operation was on the 1st May."

The former Pop Idol judge also opened up about her diagnosis, revealing that doctors have since told her that she'd had the tumour for a "long time".

She explained: "I had no headaches, I call him 'Burt' and I had him for about two to three years. My eyesight started to go and then I couldn't speak one day.

"I spoke to my GP and she said I think you have had a stroke, you had better get down to A&E.

"It was literally that quick, it was like 48 hours. No other signs. I felt great and you wouldn't have noticed any difference. They thought it was a stroke.

"They said to me you actually have a brain tumour and you have had it a long time."

Detailing how quickly things moved after that, Nicki continued: "I saw my consultant, they put me on medication to see me through and that stopped the eyesight and speech problems.

"It was serious I could have lost some of my eyesight or my mobility and speech. But I had a fantastic surgeon and great team around me.

"I know I have been fortunate, I am not going to use the word lucky I say fortunate.

"They couldn't take out all of the tumour, I have got a little bit left. The NHS looked after me and I feel fine and I'm back at work!"

Nicki revealed that she had a brain tumour in May when she was forced to pull out of hosting the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in 13 years.

Opening up on This Morning last month, the TV favourite admitted that she struggled to cope with the diagnosis and was "on her hands and knees sobbing" just days before her operation.

Nicki was on the radio show to promote her new Channel 5 programme The Great Gardening Challenge, which premieres tonight at 8pm.

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