Chris Evans won’t be taking part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing – The Sun

CHRIS Evans won't be taking part in this year's series of Strictly Come Dancing, The Sun Online can confirm.

The 53-year-old Virgin Radio Breakfast Show host was the first name confirmed for the 2019 edition of the BBC show, but he will no longer be taking to the dancefloor.

A source close to Chris told The Sun Online: "Chris had been talking about Strictly for a good while but it will not happen in 2019."

In March, Chris told his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show listeners that he was seeing a knee specialist after damaging cartilage.

He pulled in a favour from his co-star Vassos Alexander and booked in with his medically trained pal at short notice.

Studio guest and Strictly pro Anton Du Beke, 50, insisted the injury would be fully healed by the time the next series begins.

When Chris asked Anton if he was signed up to this year's show, he said: "I am, as are you."

Laughing, the host replied: "Well hang on a minute… I've got a serious issue with my left knee.

Anton quipped: "Don't worry about your left knee, I'll left you I do with everyone else I dance with."

Chris told him: "Vassos's mate, the super knee doctor, is inspecting my knee before Friday.

Unperturbed, Anton fired back: "Is that right? Which is a bit of luck it doesn't' start until September."

Chris also threw his appearance on the BBC dance show into doubt while speaking to Strictly super-fan Andrew Garfield on his radio show.

Spider-Man star Andrew told him: "When I heard you were doing it, I thought: 'You have to give the people what they want' and that is what everyone in this country wants."

Chris replied: "Yeah, but I've got an issue with my left meniscus."


Latching onto the fact that Chris might be trying to back out, Andrew replied: "Tell us about this. Tell us really specifically about what's wrong with your knee."

Laughing, the DJ hit back: "Do you not believe me?"

Andrew, 35, admitted: "I'm a little dubious."

Chris replied: "Do you think I may be bottling it?"

Soon after, Chris announced that Andrew had to leave abruptly, then insisted: "I'm not trying to fudge the meniscus question."

The actor replied: "It does feel like a little diversion" before Chris cut in: "Anyway, thank you Andrew – see ya."

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that acts as a cushion between the shinbone and thighbone.

A torn one causes pain, swelling and stiffness – and can restrict knee motion and leave sufferers unable to extend their knee fully.

The Sun exclusively revealed how Strictly bosses have signed up Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin for this year’s series.

The weekend afternoon show host, 34, will be largely unknown to the majority of viewers.

But producers, who are trying to avoid a repeat of the criticism last year’s Z-list line-up received, hope he will bring in a younger audience when the show returns in September. A source said: “It’s a bit of an eyebrow raiser.

“But BBC bosses like going for a youthful radio audience, like they did with Vick Hope.

“No one had really heard of her before Strictly last year and they seemed to warm to her.

“They’re hoping Dev’s personality will make him a household name.”

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