Coronation Street bombshell as Corey admits he wanted to kill Nina Lucas NOT Seb?

Coronation Street: Kelly tries to stop Corey's attack in flashback

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Corey (played by Maximus Evans) was revealed as Seb Franklin’s (Harry Visinoni) killer during Monday’s double-bill of Coronation Street. Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) was finally able to remember how the incident unfolded that fateful night in heartbreaking flashback scenes. As the waitress retraced her steps, she suddenly remembered it was Corey that dealt the fatal blow which led to her boyfriend’s death. Corey and Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) are the two main suspects being charged with Seb’s murder, and up until now Corey has said he was there but blamed Kelly for attacking Seb. However, when Corey takes to the stand in court this week, he could buckle to the pressure after the web of lies he told. Will the villain come clean and admit he was meant to kill Nina, instead?

Nina has always believed Corey was responsible for her boyfriend’s tragic death.

Although, due to the extent of her own injuries sustained in the attack, Roy Cropper’s (David Neilson) niece initially couldn’t remember what happened.

However, the day before the trial began, Nina was able to remember it was Corey who killed her boyfriend, and that Kelly, in fact, tried to stop him.

In scenes that aired on Wednesday night, Nina took to the stand to share what happened that night.

However, Corey’s defence lawyer Sabeen (Zora Bishop) tried to twist the youngster’s words when she was questioned.

“I remember being on the ground and Corey kicking Seb,” Nina recalled.

The lawyer went on to question whether Nina’s memory of that night was “genuine”, not a “fictionalised account” of what she remembered.

Nina insisted the flashbacks she had were genuine and her account is what happened.

Speaking about who was there when she retraced her steps, the waitress continued: “They weren’t playing anyone really. They were just there for support.”

“It’s not a false memory,” Nina said through tears. “I know what happened because I was there.

“Corey killed Seb because I was a weirdo who dressed differently, and I am a weirdo about what people call comics.”

“I do apologise,” Corey’s lawyer said as Nina hit back: “No you don’t. There’s a sneer all over your face.”

Turning to Corey who was sat in the docks, Nina added: “You look how he did that night.

“I’ve spent the last few months terrified of who I am, I’m not scared anymore of anyone.”

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The double episode concluded with Dev (James Harkishin) confronting Imran (Charlie de Mello) in the street about how he treated Asha (Tanisha Gorey) in court when she took to the stand.

Dev hit back at the lawyer branding him a bully. However, the episode concluded with Imran hitting back with how he is going to treat Corey in court.

“Oh mate, you have no idea,” he threatened. “I’m just getting started.

“Do you want to see what I can really do? Come by court tomorrow because what I did to Asha today is nothing compared to what I am going to do to Corey.”

When Corey gets in the stand, will he be able to keep up with the lies he has told, or will his anger get the better of him when he sees Nina back in her gothic attire?

The attack on Seb only began that night after Corey attacked Nina for the way she looked.

Was Nina Corey’s target after all, and did Seb just get in the way trying to protect his girlfriend?




As the trial continues this week, many fans have taken to social media hoping Seb and Nina get justice.

One fan penned: “Glad Nina remembered everything, Roll on Tomorrow Night so Corey can get his comeuppance.”

Another wrote: “Will Nina‘s recovered memories be enough to get Corey sent down for life & stop Kelly from going down instead?”

A third said: “I really hope Corey goes down for what he did.”

“Can’t believe that Corey is lying his head off to blame Kelly who tried in vain to stop him,” a fourth tweeted.

Coronation Street returns on Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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