Coronation Street drops clue Audreys framed for murder

Alexandra Mardell teases a return to Coronation Street

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Coronation Street fans have been desperate for Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) to be exposed for his crimes. They wanted the truth to come out even more so after he killed Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) and dumped his body in an unknown location. However ITV soap spoilers suggest Stephen will strike again, but an innocent Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) will get framed for the murder. 

On Christmas Day, strange presenters were being discussed in the Platt household. 

This was mostly because Gail Platt (Helen Worth) had bought herself a new bird box as a festive gift, but David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) thought it was odd. 

Gail stressed how a bird box was not a weird present in the slightest, but she thought a new roof box was. 

Stephen was given a roof box by Audrey as a gift, which raised a few eyebrows. 

Could the roof box be linked to the next part of Stephen’s murderous plot line?

Stephen does not actually have a car anymore, which was pointed out by Gail and David. 

So Stephen’s had to fit the roof box onto Audrey’s car – leaving them suspicious. 

ITV soap spoilers have confirmed Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin) will end up fighting for his life in hospital after being knocked over by a vehicle in 2023. 

Ahead of the incident, he returns from Canada with some crucial information about Leo who was killed in cold blood by Stephen in recent months. 

Does Stephen murder Leo to silence him?

Could Stephen transport Leo’s lifeless body for disposal in the new roof box attached to his mother’s car?

Will Audrey end up being framed for Leo’s murder if his body, or his DNA, is found in the roof box?

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Owen tweeted: “Does Audrey not know that Stephen’s car was repossessed because why would she be buying him something for it like Gail if she didn’t? #Corrie.

“You’d think that out of one of them they’d clock onto him, wouldn’t you? What happened to David being suspicious of him?” (sic) 

Martin penned: “Everyone around Stephen must be totally blind because they buy all his lame excuses and fake meetings etc.” (sic) 

Meanwhile, David Boink shared: “Stephen will think all his Christmases have come at once if he can finish Elaine [Jones] off and collect on the house #Corrie.” 

@Thelastcrumpet2 added: “How can Stephen look Jenny in the eye knowing he killed her boyfriend in cold blood and hid his now rotting maggot-ridden body somewhere on the street? #Corrie.” 

However, Doreen Mortfit said: “Countdown to Stephen getting found out has begun… #corrie.”

David actor Jack recently revealed who he thought would bring down Stephen once and for all. 

The actor shared with “I think David would be the one to say to everyone ‘I told you so.’

“I think he will be there for that, I don’t want him to uncover the truth that sounds like he would be on the shocking block.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV. 

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