Coronation Street fans in hysterics at Marys snog up the ginnel innuendo

Coronation Street fans were left in hysterics on Friday night, as Mary Taylor made one rather frisky innuendo.

Aadi and Amy were chatting about Aadi's plans to ask Summer out on a date – but Amy's mum Tracy is sure the pair are growing closer.

Amy and Aadi hatched a plan to disappear together and "look guilty" to encourage Tracy's fancies.

As Tracy chatted to her pal Mary about the two teenagers, the hopeless romantic reflected: "When I was a teen, I would have given anything for a shameless snog up the ginnel!"

But poor Mary added: "I was lucky to get a sticky mint out of the pocket of the lad next door."

Fans were left in hysterics by the cheeky innuendo, as one quickly tweeted: "I'd love a kiss up the ginnel too Mary!"

Another giggled: "An absolute beauty from Mary!", as a third fan echoed: "Well a snog up the ginnel is worth two in the bush Mary!"

Referring to the current parking crisis on the Street – which has Shona mocking up fake parking tickets to place on waiting cars – one chuckled: "Maybe they should park in Mary's ginnel!"

"This week on Innuendo Street…" someone else laughed, as another posted: "Mary is full of smut today… she sounds a bit frustrated!"

Later, Tracy confronted Aadi's dad Dev about his supposed plans to put the moves on her daughter – leaving Dev speechless, as Aadi had already admitted to fancying a girl.

Thankfully, Summer agreed to go out with the young lad, and the duo made plans to treat themselves to dinner after he gifted her an adorable toy robot.

Elsewhere in Soapland, tensions were fraught once more between Fiz and Tyrone, as Alina cast suspicion on the cause of the fire.

The Romanian bombshell suspected Fiz of stealing her keys and breaking into the flat to set the fire, which the fire brigade confirmed had been started with a candle and an accelerant.

Fiz, however, discovered the stolen keys in her daughter Hope's toybox, quickly packing a suitcase for the two of them to get Hope away from the authorities and potential punishment.

She quietly admitted to her ex-fiancé: "Ty, the fire… it was Hope."

But will Hope face justice for her actions, or will her mum help her get away with it?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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