Coronation Street fans spot blunder as soap claims a football match is 'sold out' during coronavirus crisis

CORONATION Street viewers called out a blunder in last night's episode after Weatherfield County's football match was sold out – amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cobbles stalwart Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) was desperate to take son Dylan (Liam McCheyne) to see the game, but tickets were like gold dust.

He ended up forking out an eye-watering £300 for two corporate tickets that included a tour of the ground.

Since it's return to screens this summer, the soap has incorporated elements of the real life pandemic; from face masks to social distancing.

But it seems to have been more lax when it comes to the local football club.

This season Premier League clubs have had to play behind closed doors, while only a very small number of fans have been allowed to watch lower level matches.

Noticing the error last night, one viewer wrote: "How come Sean can get tickets to watch Weathie County but no one else can watch a football match in the entire country?"

Another posted: "Now the writers can't even be realistic….tell them no-one is allowed into football grounds just now."

A third shared: "#CoronationStreet get real, you can't go and watch the football."

The soap's official Twitter account responded to one viewer's concerns, and revealed that it had tried to preempt what the rules would be at the time of going to air.

It said: "We film a couple of months before transmission so there will inevitably be a time lag before we can begin to reflect the latest changes to Government policy."

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