Coronation Street fans work out true identity of Marias troll as Max is arrested

Fans of ITV's Coronation Street believe they have unveiled the true identity of Maria Connor's troll after Max was arrested for the crime.

David Platt is convinced it's his son doing the trolling of Maria and, at the end of last night's episode (October 12), David called the police and Max was arrested for threats to kill. Seizing his phone and laptop Max was taken in for questioning, with Shona going with him to act as his appropriate adult.

But viewers, who often air their theories on Twitter, took to their keyboards and think they've spotted a twist suggesting Max isn't the one doing the trolling.

One wrote: "Poor Max, I get the feeling he is not guilty this time but I could be wrong #corrie." Another wrote: "As much as I loathe Max i don’t think he did it #Corrie."

A third added: "SadBoy55 won’t be Max #Corrie," and a fourth wrote: "David, what have you done? Clearly wasn't Max #Corrie."

Viewers are convinced they've identified the real troll with one saying: "Why do I think it's Shona? She seemed to act very guilty a few times and very distracted in the cafe. #Corrie."

Another agreed: "Poor Max I don't think it's him. Maybe Shona."

Elsewhere in Coronation Street, there were explosive scenes last night (October 12) as Stu Carpenter finally discovered the truth about Charlie Walters' murder.

Stu, who has maintained his innocence and has been desperately trying to clear his name after wrongful imprisonment, was left stunned to discover the true murderer.

During the latest instalment, Stu invited his daughter Bridget and his granddaughter Eliza over for brunch where he soon learnt a horrifying discovery.

As chat turned to Stu's prison stint, Bridget suddenly rushed out the house upset as he went to go and comfort his daughter outside.

To which an emotional Bridget revealed that she murdered Charlie and Stu's ex Lucy helped cover the death up. Stu was left heartbroken at the discovery as Bridget then left with Eliza.

While later in the episode, Lucy tried to explain why she made the decision but Stu told her that if knew the truth he would have protected his daughter anyway.

Viewers were left stunned over the shocking discovery as they took to Twitter to share their thoughts over the scenes.

One person said: ""It was me" – Bridget. Did anyone see that twist coming? #corrie @itvcorrie #coronationstreet."

A different account put: "#Corrie OMG I didn’t expect that confession by Bridget. What will happen next?."

Another follower wrote: "Bridget killed Charlie and let her dad take the blame! Oh my! #Corrie" with shocked emojis.

While a different stunned viewer added: "Bridget killed Charlie oh my god!! #Corrie."

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Coronation Street continues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.


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