Coronation Street horror as Daisy Midgeley’s revenge plot forces resident to leave?

Coronation Street: Daisy tries to set Jenny up with Neil

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Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan) seduced Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and cruelly made sure Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) would find out on Coronation Street. The aspiring DJ made it clear to Daisy he regrets the night they spent together and wants to be reunited with the Speed Daal owner. However, will the Rovers Return barmaid make sure Alya won’t take him back?

Ryan was furious with Daisy for exposing their illicit liaison to Alya and was determined to win over his girlfriend.

But, the Speed Daal owner refused to accept his apology and told him their relationship was over for good.

Will Ryan’s reaction to Alya ending their relationship lead Daisy to take revenge and force him out of Weatherfield for rejecting her?

Speaking to, the Coronation Street star opened up on the regret Ryan feels over his actions. 

“He’s devastated and he wants to save the relationship,” the actor began. 

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“There’s a window for that for him and he’s hopeful of it but I think that’s it,” he continued.

“I don’t think he believes that he deserves to be forgiven for it, but at the same time he’s made so much progress in this past year or so, and Alya is everything to him.

“His lack of purpose drives through his life because he’s not got much going on here, there’s not much tying him to living there other than Alya.”

“She’s that rock for him and that stability. Losing him has shaken his world.”

However, how will Daisy react when Ryan continues to make it clear he wants to be with Alya?

The Rovers Return bartenders bonded when Daisy offered Ryan a fun-filled night of cocktail tasting. 

But, Ryan quickly regrets his night with Daisy and craves the stability his relationship with Alya provides. 

The ITV soap star said: “There is only so far you can go with Ryan on that fun, lack of responsibility side, at the end of the day he does miss that.”

“Since they got together he’s wanted the same things and to invest in his life,” he added.

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“I believe that Ryan needs to be with Alya. I believe that there’s more room for him to grow as a character and as a human being, investing in his life.

“There was talk of Ryan and Alya buying a home together and I think it scared him.”

“That is one of the factors that pushed him away,” Ryan remarked. 

“The DJ-ing hasn’t really taken off and he wasn’t taken very seriously by the person that he loves the most. I think Ryan feels a little bit lost,” he shared.

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Will Ryan convince Alya to take him back or will he have to live with the consequences of spending the night with Daisy?

The flirtatious barmaid made it clear she had no regard for Alya’s feelings and deliberately exposed Ryan in front of his girlfriend. 

However, she may be pushed to her limit if Ryan continues to make it clear he doesn’t want to take things further with her. 

Will Alya find herself in danger or will Daisy set her sights on making sure it’s impossible for the couple to reunite? 

If Daisy continues to remind Alya of what Ryan has done, the aspiring DJ may decide it’s time for him to leave Weatherfield for good. 

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 7.30pm.

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