Coronation Street spoilers: Asha takes revenge on Corey as she grows closer to Nina

ASHA Alahan’s friendship with Nina Lucas gives her the confidence boost she needs to take revenge on Corey next week in Coronation Street. 

The girls struck up an unlikely friendship after Nina defended her from bullies in the midst of the harrowing revenge-porn plot. 

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Corrie fans will know Asha thought her world was turned upside down when Kelly leaked a naked video of her from her boyfriend Corey’s phone. 

Since the video was leaked and made it onto the internet, Asha has faced cruel taunting by her peers whenever she leaves home. 

But everything changed earlier this month when Nina noticed Asha being laughed at and heckled by a group of boys. 

Stepping in to save the day, Nina punched one of the boys hard in the middle of the face.

Asha and Nina then had a heart-to-heart about why she’d stripped for Corey in the first place. 

When Asha admitted that doing as Corey had asked made her feel good about herself, Nina told her she was beautiful. 

Asha was later touched to receive a sketch Nina had done of her, with 'In case you need proof' written on the back. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Dev tell Asha and Aadi that he’s taking them out of Weatherfield High and moving them to Oakhill. 

Asha agrees a new school where nobody knows about the video scandal might be for the best. 

Mary warns Dev that the private school fees on top of the fees he’s handing out to the reputation management company will be extortionate, but Dev’s insistent that it’ll be worth it. 

Later, Nina finds Asha at Victoria Garden at lunchtime and Asha admits she’s walked out of Oakhill to get away from the bullies. 

But it all kicks off as Dev gets a phone call from the school and furiously searches for Asha. 

Nina later talks to Dev and gets him to go easy on Asha. 

Spotting Corey and his mates, Asha heads over and has a go at him for the awful way he’s treated her. 

Summer and Nina watch on, impressed by Asha's guts.

Dev is also thrilled to see how much Asha's confidence has been boosted. 

Tanisha Gorey, who plays Asha, previously spoke to Digital Spy about her new connection with Nina.

She said: "One of the unlikely people who steps forward to help Asha when she's going through this is Nina.

"A friendship develops between Asha and Nina – and I love that.

"Nina knows what it's like to feel different, left out and persecuted. That will develop and this story has a long way to go."

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