Coronation Street spoilers: Faye Windass sexually assaulted by Ray Crosby as a furious Gary Windass catches him

FAYE Windass is assaulted by Ray Crosby next month during Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary week as a furious Gary Windass catches him. 

The explosive week of episodes will see the residents of Weatherfield try their best to stand in Ray’s way as he tries to bulldoze the cobbles.

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It all kicks off when Ken reveals to Debbie that the residents are planning on lodging an application to have the brewery listed as an historical building to stop it from being bulldozed that afternoon. 

But Debbie, who's working for Ray, runs straight to him and reveals the residents’ plans to prevent the bulldozing. 

Ray decides to knock the brewery down quickly before the residents have a chance to lodge their application. 

But as they watch a bulldozer head towards the brewery and see Ray looking smug, the residents set up camp in front of the brewery and Rita leads them in a rendition of ‘We Shall not be Moved.’

Can Ray be stopped?

The next morning, the residents celebrate stalling Ray by sleeping outside the brewery. 

But they’re horrified when a huge long-arm digger rears its head and Ray’s men start to dismantle their camp. 

Ken stands in the bulldozer’s path refusing to move while Abi jumps into the cab of a digger.

But disaster strikes when Abi loses control of the long arm, which smashes down on a substation and knocks everyone’s power out.

Later, Kevin wonders how Ray got wind of their plans. 

Could Debbie’s cover be blown?

Meanwhile, in the bistro, Faye agrees to go for a drink with Ray.

But when Gary enters the building later with the signed factory contract for Ray, he’s horrified to hear Faye’s muffled cries coming from the office. 

Gary shouts at Ray to open the door, and Faye emerges in tears before running off. 

Later, Gary and Maria try to get through to Faye but she clams up, refusing to talk about what happened. 

Gary sees red and vows to get revenge against Ray for what he’s done. 

Will Gary stop Ray’s plan to take over the cobbles and drive him out of Weatherfield?

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