Coronation Street’s Colson Smith is taking break from the soap to become a farmer

CORONATION Street’s Colson Smith is taking break from the soap to become a farmer.

The 22-year-old has taken four weeks off to help his sister Hannah, who is a vet, during lambing season on her farm.

Speaking on the Sofa Cinema Club podcast, he said: "April is lambing season and I've got the call up – I'm in for lambing season.

"I'm off work for the whole of April, so I'm going to be there lambing. It's going to be great."

Speaking about helping out on the farm earlier this month, he added: "It's been full-on. I finished work and I got a call saying: 'You need to come and help out, we need some help on the farm.'

"I'm a top farmer. I can drive the tractor, I'm good at that kind of stuff.

"My family has all been brought up in the countryside. They are all very outdoors-y, academic, smart people.

"And then there's me. I'm a bit of a townie, because I wanted to be an actor when everybody else wanted to live by the fat of the land sort of thing.

"So I was called to action because there had just been a calf born. So I went to feed the calf. I was quite good.

"I had to milk its mum by hand, which was quite interesting because I was touching its teats and I didn't even know its name.

"I rocked up in my Yeezys to go and do all this work."

The actor – who plays Craig Tinker on the popular ITV soap – lost a staggering amount of weight afterhitting the gym regularly to make sure he was in shape for his character.

Colson realised he was getting out of breath chasing shoplifters while playing the copper.

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