Coronation Streets Nina Lucas uncovers dark family secret in life-changing twist?

Corrie: Roy Cropper and Nina Lucas go bat watching

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Nina (played by Mollie Gallagher) has been central to one of Coronation Street’s most harrowing storylines this year and the plot has helped to establish her as one of the show’s greatest ever characters. As she tries to move on from the events of the past 12 months, she will be looking to enjoy her romance with Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) and become a proper family with her uncle, Roy Cropper (David Neilson). However, it seems the writers of the ITV soap could be lining up a gripping new twist in her story as she could uncover she isn’t the only child her late mother gave birth to.

The beloved character has been living with Roy on the cobbles since her father, Richard Lucas (Paul Bown), passed away a couple of years ago.

For years, it was just her and her late father living in their flat as her mother had passed away some time before her introduction to the show.

It seems she was the only child of the couple but history could be rewritten in the coming weeks as the youngster does some digging into her past.

Wanting to know more about her family now she has spent a good amount of time with her uncle, she could come across her birth certificate which she has never seen before.

However, in one of the biggest twists the soap has ever seen, it could emerge Nina is in fact a twin and her sister was given up at birth.

According to recent paparazzi pictures, the actress who plays Nina, Mollie, has been sporting a new look whilst filming upcoming scenes.

The star of the show still sports her iconic gothic look but instead of having completely dark hair, the roots have been dyed blonde.

With such a transformation taking place, it could be the soap star is gearing up to play not one, but two different characters.

Nina’s twin sister could not only be identical, apart from the difference in hair colour but could also share her love for a gothic look.

But how will the beloved character react when she realises her sibling was given up at birth and they have been separated for so long?

I have always liked being creative

Mollie Gallagher

It could transpire Richard and his wife didn’t have the funds to look after two children following the twins’ birth.

Knowing they did want a baby, they could have decided to keep Nina and let the adoption agency find their other baby a new home.

Both sisters could have grown up in Manchester but have never met before, not realising the other one actually existed.

The sisters will have to get their heads around what happened in the past as their birth parents have both passed away.

Looking for answers, will the youngsters begin an investigation together to understand what really happened in the hospital all those years ago and how their parents decided who to give up?

Although the pair have bonded well over the past two years, this life-changing family secret could bring Nina closer to Roy.

It was because Roy uncovered the fact his mother had another child a couple of years ago Nina ended up coming into his life.

If anyone could relate to a surprise sibling turning up out of the blue, it would be the soap stalwart and he would be able to provide the right support to his niece.

Mollie explained her character’s relationship with her uncle: “Roy is a lovely genuine person who understands everybody, I think he’ll work to understand Nina but it’s about whether she’ll let her guard down and let him in.

“Nina [still] hasn’t really given Roy a chance yet to get to know him properly and that would be nice now she’s on her own.”

With her alter-ego undergoing a transformation, actress Mollie has previously spoken out about her look as she too embraces the gothic attire her character possesses in the show.

The soap star explained in an interview: “I have always liked being creative and just like whatever I like I guess.

“I’m a very expressive person, and I love fashion and physically expressing myself through what I wear.

“I love music and lyrics and I think that’s always influenced my style, because I love the stories that songs tell, and music has always stimulated my imagination and creativity.

“I love the detail and I think that has influenced my style also. I suppose I have just been who I am and always followed my intuition, I guess I knew that being authentic would hopefully lead me to the right path.”

As Nina goes on to begin a new chapter in her story on the cobbles, fans have taken to Twitter to commend her role in the hate crime storyline alongside Abi Franklin (Sally Carman)

Amy wrote: “What a beautiful ending to an incredible storyline. Congratulations to all the cast and crew from #corrie for this story.

“But an even bigger congratulations to @sallycarman1 and @molgallagher11_ for their outstanding portrayal of Abi and Nina this last year. Oscar-worthy actors right there.”

Script to scene added: “One of the best things from the hate crime story is it formed and nurtured the wonderful relationship between Abi and Nina.

“@sallycarman1 and @molgallagher11_ have lovely chemistry. I would love more storylines where different characters form a genuine relationship between them.”

Will Abi be another character to help Nina come to the realisation she has a twin sister in the world?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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