Corrie fans baffled as Gary takes Corey and Stefan to police in dramatic twist

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Coronation Street fans were left pleasantly surprised after Gary Windass transported Corey Brent and his father Stefan to the police.

In dramatic scenes that took place on Friday night, Corey and his father desperately tried to escape from the law as incrementing evidence on Seb Franlin's murder loomed over them.

After Abi Franklin asked Gary for his help with stopping the criminals get away, Gary certainly stepped up to the plate, leaving fans elated.

Taking cease of Corey and Stefan's getaway van, Gary drove the pair straight to the police leaving viewers stunned.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their excitement and surprise.

One person wrote: "For a second I thought Gary might try and take justice into his own hands so I'm glad he took them to the police."

Another said: "Great to see it all come together with actions from a few characters recently to bring Corey down, with getting justice for this horrific hate crime at the heart of it. Gary with some heroics tonight."

A third chimed: "Makes me laugh that Gary Whindass does a better job than the actual police."

Meanwhile a fourth viewer penned: "Why does Gary doing something nice make us like him when in reality he's a slimey s**t."

Near the end of the programme, Corey was faced with police interrogations and presented with evidence that links him to the murder of Seb.

Clearly upset with the prospects that lie ahead of him, Corey was left in tears and begging for his father's help when police ushered him into jail.

Stefan, still feeling confident that Corey may be able to get away with the charges, assured him that his lawyers will be able to sort it out.

Seeing that there may be justice for Seb after several months, viewers took to Twitter again to share their happiness.

One fans wrote: "Finally! Justice for Seb. Corey behind bars where he belongs. "

Meanwhile another excited fan commented: "Wow, what a phenomenal episode of #Corrie for tonight and well done to all. I'm glad Corey is gone to prison. Roll on for Monday."

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