Corrie Gary Windass star hints hell escape justice after Rick murder bombshell

Coronation Street's Gary Windass is inching closer to being discovered as loan shark Rick Neelan's murderer on the ITV cobbles.

With Rick's ex Laura and daughter Kelly both living with Gary and Maria, Laura has shared her desire to find Rick's money before she dies of terminal cancer to pass on an inheritance to Kelly.

But little do they both know that Gary actually killed Rick years ago, and has been hiding his body ever since.

Gary, however, is set to confess the truth to Laura as he cracks from the strain – but will he be banged up behind bars once more, or will he escape justice?

Speaking to Daily Star, actor Mikey North explained that at the start of the storyline Gary "feels pretty safe".

"He's got most bases covered from the last couple of years. He knows no-one’s going find that body – or so he thinks – so not a lot can go wrong.

"But his weakness is obviously Kelly. He’s taken her on and he’s becoming a father figure in her life and looking after her. He’s become very fond of Kelly. And it’s all about how he’s going to play that balancing act and how that will unfold."

Gary is set to attempt to move Rick's body when he finds out that County are using the site for their new training ground, but fails to get in after a security guard catches him in the act.

"His luck just isn't in," Mikey explained. "Laura starts asking questions, and he just cracks in the end. He can’t cope any more. He thinks there’s no other option, it’s going to come out any day, he may as well tell her the truth. So he snaps at her and tells her everything."

But will he end up behind bars once again?

Mikey insisted: "Listen, I’ve been in prison enough. I think I’ve done two or three stints in there now, so I’m not looking forward to returning – if that is where he’s going to go! I’ve done too much time.

"If we're honest about [Rick's murder], it was self defence and he was doing it to save himself, Sarah and Bethany. He would do it all again if he had the chance."

And, in Mikey's opinion, Gary is a "redeemable" character – unlike nasty soap villains like serial killer Pat Phelan.

He said: "I think it depends totally on the manner of how [a murder] happens. Maybe someone like a Phelan, who is kidnapping and killing people for the sake of doing that, I guess it makes things a bit harder.

"But if there is that redeeming factor there, and a character can show they’ve changed themselves around or there was a reason they did it in the first place, it becomes more forgivable. It depends on the circumstances – like with Sarah and David Platt, when they killed Callum and buried him under the floorboards."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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