Corrie icon Elsie Tanner stars spirit came through to cast in eerie encounter

Paranormal investigator Yvette Fielding says that the ghost of Coronation Street Elsie Tanner star Pat Phoenix appeared to come through to the cast during an investigation of the set.

Yvette and the Most Haunted Team visited Coronation Street in 2005, following claims of paranormal activity by the cast and crew of the ITV soap.

This has included claims that the ghosts of former stars including Jean Alexander and Pat Phoenix, who played Hilda Ogden and Elsie Tanner, haunt the set.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Yvette revealed that during their investigation, the photograph of Elsie Tanner in the hallway of one of the house sets in the street began to shake – before mysterious tapping came through to the Corrie cast and Most Haunted team.

After it appeared that the ghost of the late star was trying to 'communicate', the cast then attempted to ask the spirit to confirm if it was Pat Phoenix.

She said: "I remember Elsie Tanner, her picture was in a hallway or something, and weirdly enough it started to rattle. There was some tapping coming through, and it was just bizarre.

"I can't remember if it was Sue Cleaver or was it Steve [Simon Gregson]…I can't remember. I have a mind blank when it comes to names.

"But they were all there. They were all lovely.

"It was bizarre because they were putting their ears to Elsie's picture and going, 'is that you?' Knock twice for yes and once for no.'

"I was like, this is bizarre. Elsie Tanner's face is looking at me and smiling!"

That's not all, as the cast and Most Haunted Team also attempted to communicate with spirits on the Coronation Street set through a Ouija board session, with Yvette adding: "It [the Ouija board] did move around. I remember the glass moving around. That was interesting."

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