'Counting On' Fans Want Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo To Have Their Own Show

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have always been fan favorites on Counting On. The couple has strayed from the norms of the rest of the Duggar family and become a closer representation of the typical American than anyone else in Duggar’s family. Fans have grown to love the two so much that some even want them to have their own show.

Duggar married Vuolo back in 2016

These two didn’t meet in the same way most of the other Duggars did. Both Jill and Jessa Duggar met their husbands through their father, Jim Bob Duggar. Others met their spouses through church. However, Duggar and Vuolo met after Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, introduced them. The two hit it off but didn’t begin courting right away. However, once Vuolo attended a mission trip with Duggar and her family, he asked Jim Bob Duggar if he could court his daughter. The two only courted for about a month before getting engaged. They were married in 2016.

Duggar quickly became known as the rebel among fans

Once the two got married, they didn’t immediately start having children the way most of the Duggars do. They wed in November 2016 but didn’t welcome their first child, a daughter named Felicity, until July 2018. They haven’t announced a second pregnancy yet. Duggar and Vuolo moved to Texas after they wed, and Duggar began wearing pants and tank tops, neither of which she was allowed to wear as a child. She also recently dyed her hair blonde, proving that she’s trying new things as an adult that she could never do as a child.

The couple recently moved to California

In another rebellious move, Duggar and Vuolo have decided to move even further away from her family than they already were. Vuolo got an opportunity to take graduate classes out in Los Angeles, so the whole family road tripped out there to start a new life together. L.A. is a notoriously liberal city, and fans were so happy to see that Duggar and Vuolo were ready to move somewhere like that. They appear to be loving everything about their new home. They’ve gone to sporting events, toured different towns, and stopped for plenty of food. It’s unclear how long they’ll be out there, but they might just grow to love it enough to stay there for good.


Some fans think the two should have their own spinoff show

Duggar and Vuolo are a big part of Counting On, but there are some who think the two should have somethingeven bigger: Their own spinoff show. Duggar recently posted a photo of Vuoloand their daughter sitting on the green at the Americana shopping mall in L.A.,and one fan commented, “I wish TLC would give you guys your own show.” Thecomment was the most-liked out of any on the photo, which means clearly peoplewouldn’t be opposed to a spinoff. But TLC hasn’t mentioned anything about a newseries featuring the two, and for now, Duggar and Vuolo are busy acclimating totheir new home.

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