'Counting On': Josh Duggar's Alleged Hookup, Danica Dillon, Believes Anna Duggar Stays with Josh Out of Obligation

Duggar family critics have long wondered why Anna Duggar has remainedin her troubled marriage. Anna, who married Josh Duggar in 2008, has weatheredmultiple scandals with her husband. First, she dealt with a media firestormafter reports surfaced detailing Josh’s molestation of his siblings. Thoseincidents occurred when Josh was a teen. Then she was forced to deal with acheating scandal while pregnant with her fourth child. Five years removedfrom the scandal, it looks like Josh may be wrapped up in more trouble. With afederal investigation looming, one of Josh’s reported paid hookups has come forwardagain. Ashley Johnston, who went by the stage name Danica Dillon in 2015, recountedher terrifying encounters with Duggar to a reporter from The U.S. Sun,and she has some theoriesabout why Anna continues to stand by her husband.

Ashley Johnston maintains that her story about Josh Duggaris 100% true

Johnston accused Josh of misbehaving toward her during a paid sexual encounter. Johnston maintains that Josh spat at her, choked her, and forced her to perform specific acts during the ordeal. In 2016, she brought a lawsuit against the father of six, alleging that the encounter had left her with physical and emotional trauma. Court documents also reported that she was suffering from PTSD-like symptoms after the incident, according to Radar Online.

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The lawsuit was settled out of court, and the details remainconfidential. Johnston has allegedly been barred from discussing furtherdetails of her encounter. That seems to be par for the course with the Duggarfamily. Severalpeople have, reportedly, been banned from speaking about the famous familyand the secrets that their Arkansas Compound holds.

Ashley Johnston thinks Anna Duggar stays with Josh Duggarout of a sense of obligation

Johnston hasn’t kept up with the Duggar family since her lawsuitwas settled in 2016, but she admits she worries about Josh’s wife, Anna. Johnston,now the mother of four children, told theU.S. Sun that she thinks that Anna stayed with Josh because she didn’tthink she had any other options. She went on to say that she understands thatleaving would be a scary prospect, especially with the number of children shehad at the time. Since then, Anna and Josh have added two more children totheir growing family, and family critics expect more to come.

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Johnston isn’t the only person who thinks that. Family criticshave often wondered if Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar threatened Anna into stayingwith her troubled husband. Anna has never spoken negatively about the patriarchand matriarch in the family. Still, Derick Dillard, who married Jill Duggar in2014, has painted adark picture of Jim Bob and his controlling nature. It wouldn’t be hard tobelieve that Jim Bob and Michelle purposefully swayed Anna’s decision to keepup the family’s appearance.

Anna Duggar’s own siblings have begged her to leave hertroubled husband

Johnston may not have aired her current opinion on the stateof Josh and Anna’s marriage, but it’s pretty evident that she, like many otherpeople, thinks Anna should leave her troubled husband behind. Some of Anna’ssiblings have largely suggested she needed to cut ties.

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Back in 2015, when the initial scandals broke, Anna’sbrother, DanielKeller, took to the internet to plead to his sister to walk away from hermarriage. Not only did he comment on one of Jessa Duggar’s Facebook posts, buthe spoke out on several blogs in the months following the cheating scandal.Keller stated that he had personally offered to take on Anna and her childrenuntil she got on her feet. Keller, who is divorced, is no longer connected to theultra-conservative Christian ministry that the Duggar family belongs to.The Keller kids, like the Duggars, were raised in the IBLP.

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