'Counting On': Will Fans Ever Find Out What Happened in the Alleged Duggar Family Raids?

TheDuggar family has been putting in serious work in the last couple of weeks.While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have chosen to deny any allegations of abrewing legal problem outright, othermembers of the family have worked to distance themselves from the alleged issue.Even still, others are putting in the effort to make their lives seem entirelymundane. The Department of Homeland Security, who confirmed their presence at aDuggar-owned car lot last weekend, is keeping a lid on their current investigation,too. The lack of updates has left followers with just one question- will theyever know why HSI agents were on the scene in Northwest Arkansas?

An FOIA request has been denied

On Nov. 20, 2019, KNWAreported that agents from the Department of Homeland Security were on handat Joshua Duggar’s car lot. Rumors also swirled that multiple cars were seen atthe home of Jim Bob and Michelle, as well as at the home of Josiah Duggar. Localsinitially reported that numerous raids were carried out on the family’s propertiesover the weekend of Nov. 16.

An HSI spokesperson was willing to confirm that thedepartment was on hand at the Duggar family’s car lot, but no further informationwas released. The spokesperson would not share whom or what they wereinvestigating, nor did he state if additional properties were searched. Theinitial report was tantalizing for followers, and many assumed further informationwasn’t far behind. It doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.

RadarOnline attempted to access files associated with the raids, but their Freedomof Information Act request was denied. The department cited invasion of privacyas the reason for the denial. The application was linked explicitly topotential raids on the Duggar family home. Further information requests havenot yet been processed.

How long does a Department of Homeland Securityinvestigation generally last?

Theinvolvement of HSI agents indicates that something serious is afoot in Duggarland.To be clear, whatever is going on, is unlikely to be a blip on the radar. Thefamily was not visited by local police at all. In fact, it would seem the localpolice had absolutely no idea something was going on. For HSI to becomeinvolved in an investigation (if there is actually an active one) indicatesthat there has been some form of monitoring going on behind the scenes.

Most investigations of this nature are not short-lived. Veryrarely do agents leave a field office for a quick drop by, or to deal with asmall, open and shut case. Instead, investigations can take weeks or months to shakeout entirely. Until the Department of Homeland Security wades throughinformation collected during their visit, the average citizen won’t be gettingany information. For followers of the current drama, that means the wait could belengthy if any further information is shared at all.

What could the federal agency be looking for?

While the Department of Homeland Security is keeping informationtightly in-house at the moment, there are plenty of wild theories about whatcould be happening in Springdale, Arkansas. Some fans theorize that shadybusiness dealings could have caught the eye of HSI agents. TheDuggar family has been busy opening LLCs in the last 12 months. In fact, 10LLCs have been established by the family since October 2018.

Rumors have also swirled that the raid is somehow linked tohuman trafficking or child pornography. There is no evidence to suggest theraid is connected to such issues. Followers who have been theorizing about suchlegal matters are using Josh Duggar’s previous molestation scandal as evidence.Back in 2015, it was revealed that Joshmolested several of his siblings, as well as a family friend when he was ateenager. He was also outed as a serial cheater the same year. While Josh’sactions were repugnant, there is nothing that links him to currentinappropriate behavior. In fact, he’s been lying exceptionally low since theback-to-back scandals.

Redditusers noted that there is a possibility that money laundering could be theissue. Josh’s car lot was allegedly illegal. He did not have a license to operatea car lot on the property, even though he owned the land. RadarOnline broke the story in 2018. It is not known if Josh rectified thesituation. No law enforcement agency has commented on the theory. The websitefor Wholesale Motorcars, the business that was reportedly visited by agents,has since been shuttered.

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