Countryfile viewers in hysterics as presenter discusses the pros and cons of beavers

COUNTRYFILE viewers were in hysterics tonight as a presenter discussed the pros and cons of beavers.

The BBC One show featured a segment about reintroducing species to the wild, including beavers.

Their presence in the wild has many benefits, but it was also pointed out that their natural dam building skills can cause surrounding fields and roads to flood, which is not such good new for farmers and locals.

Tom Heap visited one area of England where five beavers were introduced and now there were 50, creating a wetland habitat that wasn't there before.

Tom asked his guest if he was glad the beavers were there and he replied: "If you'd asked me five years ago 'would you like some free beavers?' I would have said 'perhaps not' because five years ago we knew very little about beavers."

As the conversation continued, some dirty-minded viewers couldn't help but joke about the segment on Twitter.

One wrote: "Free beaver – even better."

Another tweeted: "I came to #countryfile Twitter for the beavers."

A third also referred to an earlier segment on birds writing: "Tits & beavers, this show is filth."

Meanwhile a fellow viewer wrote: "I’ve never heard the word “beaver” mentioned so many times before 9pm as on #countryfile this evening."

Last week, viewers were left seriously distracted during the weekly weather report, presented by Ben Rich.

But as Ben recapped on July's mixed bag of floods and high temperatures before moving on to August, viewers were distracted by his ensemble.

Ben wore a check shirt with his cuffs turned up, jeans and a brown belt, which viewers felt fit perfectly with the country-vibe of the show.

Countryfile airs on Sundays on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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