Daisy is stunned as she realises who her stalker in Coronation Street really is

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) discovered one of the many dangers of social media in tonight’s Coronation Street as she met Justin, the man who has started stalking her.

The barmaid started receiving bunches of flowers in recent episodes, all with notes signed by Justin.

Tonight, Daisy chatted to Glenda (Jodie Prenger) and wondered who Justin may be. She couldn’t remember someone from school with that name, and struggled to recall coming across someone in recent months with that name as well.

As her shift got underway, Daisy met Justin, but was completely oblivious as to who he was.

It turns out Daisy and Justin met a few weeks ago at the hospital, when Daisy was awaiting the results of her breast scan.

Once the penny dropped, Daisy was her usual kind and caring self, asking Justin how his unwell mother is and proceeded with getting his drink.

However, when Justin asked Daisy about the flowers – her face was awash with horror – this is her stalker.

Daisy couldn’t believe that Justin had remembered her name just from the nurse calling it out at the hospital, that he had learnt so much about her through social media and she gently tried to tell him there had been some sort of miscommunication – she certainly didn’t want to be in a relationship with him.

Justin failed to get the message and believed Daisy must be unhappy with Daniel (Rob Mallard) and wondered if she’d like to meet up on Wednesday.

Once again, Daisy tried her best to tell Justin that he was viewing things incorrectly but as he was ushered out by Glenda, there was a look on Justin’s face that scared Daisy – the ordeal certainly isn’t over yet.

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