Dan arrested after leaving Lloyd to die with single punch in Emmerdale

Dan Spencer’s (Liam Fox) life could be about to change forever after attacking Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) stalker in Emmerdale.

Lloyd came across Amelia while scrolling social media. She has been creating an online platform and up until a few days ago, was under the impression a woman was her top subscriber – not Lloyd.

While in the salon, Lloyd revealed his identity and told Amelia that he’s proud of how far she’s come in such a short space of time. His disturbing behaviour then continued outside of the business, when Amelia received a letter from Lloyd which allowed her to realise that he knows where she lives.

Following a warning from Dan, Lloyd hasn’t been seen in the Dales for a few days, but he returned tonight (July 5) and found Amelia at the church.

The terrified teen was given no choice but to listen to Lloyd, who sat down and said how he often feels lonely, and Amelia’s videos made him laugh and escape from his dull reality.

After their chat, Lloyd and Amelia were outside of the church.

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As Dan glanced over from the garage, he spotted the two of them together and angrily raced over to confront Lloyd.

The stalker was convinced that if Dan and Amelia were to involve the police again, he’d walk away scot-free as right now, he still hasn’t done anything illegal.

Wound up, Dan punched Lloyd, causing him to fall backwards and smack his head on a rock.

As Cain (Jeff Hordley) arrived to help, Dan and Amelia headed back inside.

It was Cain who ultimately took control of the situation. He attempted to spin enough lies to cover Dan and Amelia, but Dan’s good morals led him to a police officer, who took him down the station after he confessed that he was the one who attacked Lloyd.

With Lloyd now in hospital, the next part of this storyline will explore how one single punch has the potential to kill someone.

But does that mean Dan is going to prison?

Speaking about the storyline, producer Laura Shaw said: ‘We want to show the stark reality and devastating impact one punch can have.

‘In a moment of madness, Dan’s world will be turned upside down. His actions could cost him his freedom and more tragically could cost Lloyd his life.

‘As the story unfolds, we’ll see Dan battle with the guilt of what he’s done and the impact this one violent act has on his family, friends and the wider community.’

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