Daniel in Coronation Street fears Daisy will die as she finds a lump

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) faced a terrifying experience during tonight’s Coronation Street, and it’s left poor Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) haunted by his past.

Busy going about her day, Daisy’s world changed in an instant when she could feel a lump in her breast.

Because it happened when she was fully clothed, she took time away from her shift in the pub to undo her top and feel her breast – her heart breaking when she realised there was definitely a lump.

Daisy’s distant behaviour was picked up by Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), who soon discovered what was going on and urged her stepdaughter to visit the doctors.

Then, she was tasked with telling Daniel.

Daniel appeared strong when Daisy told him. He wanted to attend the appointment at the surgery and told Daisy they should be together just in case she’s told the lump is cancerous.

Of course, Daniel has already been through this with Sinead (Katie McGlynn), so his somewhat straightforward tone when mentioning Daisy potentially having cancer really thew her.

Back at home, Daniel let his mask slip during a chat with Peter (Chris Gascoyne).

Tearful and as terrified as Daisy, Daniel was convinced that history was now repeating itself – he falls in love, his girlfriend develops cancer and then she dies.

Rob Mallard told us about Daniel’s reaction to Daisy’s news. ’It’s his worst nightmare that it would either happen to him or someone else that he cares about,’ he said. ‘Doubly worse, this is someone that Bertie is growing closer to, a second chance of a mother figure for him and yet again this woman he loves might be struck down with cancer.’

He also said that Daniel’s main focus is on himself, rather than Daisy. ‘It’s quite a selfish response, you think I’ve been through this once and I can’t do it again because you know what’s going to happen, you know what each of you is going to go through.

‘When you’ve been through it before and you know exactly what each step is going to be like, the knowledge of that is almost worse than going through it again and it just makes him what to run away.’

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