Danny Miller speaks out on Robron's final Emmerdale scenes and ending

Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron Dingle’s (Danny Miller) love story in Emmerdale has certainly been one for the ages but, like the old adage says, all good things must come to an end, and that’s certainly the case with Robron, as Robert is set to faces the consequences for the attack he carried out on Lee earlier this year. With the couple’s final scenes approaching, Danny Miller previews what’s to come.

After the police were unable to bring a case against Lee for what he did to Victoria, Robert set out to seek revenge on behalf of his sister. He attempted to humiliate the rapist — amongst other things — but in the end he lost control and lashed out, hitting him with a shovel — an action which resulted in him being charged with GBH with intent.

In the coming episodes, Lee dies as a result of his injuries, and it’s up to Victoria to relay this information to her brother. Robert’s distraught but —according to Danny — so is Aaron, as it’s here that the realisation sets in that he may have to live his life without his beloved husband.

‘He feels sick with dread to hear about Lee. He he has grown up a bit recently and realised he has to be there for his family especially Liv and Seb. If Robert is going down, which seems inevitable to the pair of them, he knows he is going to have to pick up both roles and be strong for Liv and Seb.’

Determined to help her family, Liv (Isobel Steele) offers up a solution and suggests that both Robert and Aaron could go on the run together and — after some deliberation — the pair shockingly agree on this course of action. Bidding adieu to their families proves to be a tall task — especially considering they’ve so little time to do so.

Danny said: ‘The goodbyes are rushed. You can see that Aaron and Robert almost don’t have time to take in the emotion due to the rush and panic.  The police are essentially on their way, it’s all so quick, it’s a serious crime so he can’t be out on bail. They both say their individual goodbyes but I don’t think they realise this could be the final time they speak to people, it certainly doesn’t hit Robert until he gets in the car.’

‘It’s not a romantic “lets run off into the sunset together!” They have had no time to plan this, they just have to grab their things and go. Aaron has connections in France, he has inherited Cain’s contacts so it is possible they could make it work there. He takes control for a change which is nice and Robert is happy to let him do that.’

With Robert and Aaron having proven to be one of the most popular soap couples of all time, it’s safe to say that fans will be upset to see their love story come to an end. Little is known about how the narrative will come to an end, but Danny has already starting filming some of the pair’s final moments.

‘We’ve done some of it and there’s real raw emotion there for Ryan and myself.  During one of the emotional scenes, it hit me that it’s real and it’s actually happening and there are some genuine tears in there. ‘

It’s been amazing working with Ryan.  It’s been full on and we sometimes get on each others nerves but we just work so well together.  We have a level of trust and understanding that I will really miss. We have great chemistry on screen and right from our first scene I felt and I guess the producers must have seen it too.’

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