Davide and Ekin-Su’s fight branded ‘fake’ by Love Island viewers after they spot ‘clues’ | The Sun

LOVE Island fans think Ekin-Su and Davide's latest fight was fake – because they got over it at lightning speed.

One minute he was branding her "fake as the Louis Vuitton from China" and the next they were making dinner together.

Viewers were left convinced last night it was all for the cameras, after seeing soap actress Ekin serving up plates of Davide's delicious dish for the villa.

Following their row they teamed up in the kitchen to make spaghetti carbonara for the islanders.

One viewer moaned on Twitter: "@LoveIsland y'all have k1lled this beautiful season already… Even the fake Ekin su and Davide's fight cannot save it…."

Another said: "They showed Ekin su and davide fight then cooking together…"

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As one more remarked: "they hyped up ekin and davides fight just for it to last a good 10 seconds"

Others found it entertaining and said the pair reminded them of their parents.

One penned: "Not my parents ekin and davide in the kitchen after arguing???"

Another said: "Davide & Ekin-Su are hilarious man. No resolution to that argument at all but 5 minutes later they're cooking in the kitchen & getting cosy in bed ?"

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But the meal, it turns out, was a secret sign to Jay Younger who left the villa on Sunday night.

The financial advisor left the villa on Sunday night with new girl Chyna Mills after all the couples returned from Casa Amor.

Davide, 27, later shocked fans when he revealed he was gutted over Jay's exit as they were best mates in the telly villa.

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Last night, the Italian hunk whipped up his speciality – a spaghetti carbonara – for the Islanders who were seen wolfing it down.

Jay, 27, had been watching the episode at home and admitted it put a smile on his face.

He tweeted: "No one knows this but I told Davide to cook carbonara for everyone if he was missing me as a secret message to the outside world."

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