Dawn makes a shocking discovery in Emmerdale

Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) have finally started to get their relationship back on track after that whole awkward business of her pretending her dad was dead, which led to the vicar being rather annoyingly crushed under a coffin.

However, Will (Dean Andrews) is not so keen on leaving the Dales behind and despite Harriet trying to put things behind them, he reckons that they can pick up where they left off and embark on a relationship. Keeping their previous liaisons a secret from Dawn, Harriet can’t help but be tempted as her old feelings for Will continue to resurface.

And as he makes himself more comfortable in the village, including by getting himself a job at the garage, it’s clear that Will intends to stick around.

Dawn’s focus is very much on getting her son back and she wants Harriet’s help with that but tonight, she walks in on the pair getting close and realises what has been going on behind her back. As she is left reeling by the fact that Harriet and Will have been keeping this secret from her, she heads to the edge again and there’s the very real threat that she will relapse once more.

Can Harriet talk her round – and will she be forced to pick between her and Will? And if it does indeed come to that dilemma, would Will stand a chance?

Given that Dawn has told more than a few porkies to Harriet herself, here’s hoping that she is understanding towards her. But can a relationship between Harriet and Will ever end in anything other than disaster?

Surely they don’t expect that they can go back to playing happy families after everything that has happened?

Emmerdale continues on Thursday 26th June at 7pm and 8pm on ITV.

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