Dead baby found, Victoria's terror and 8 more Emmerdale spoilers

There are unsettling scenes ahead in Emmerdale as the remains of a dead baby are uncovered at the school and it soon becomes clear that the mother is someone we recognise. Meanwhile, Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) also faces a sinister struggle as Lee arrives with his mother in tow – and they discover that she is pregnant!

In other Dales developments, David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) takes desperate measures to try and get through to Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) but will it pay off? And is it the end of the line for Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) and Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter)?

10 Emmerdale spoilers

  • Lee’s mum Wendy brandishes Victoria a liar.
  • Jessie is horrified when remains are found at the school.
  • Eric dumps Faith over a misunderstanding with Bear.
  • David learns that Jacob is trying to contact Maya.
  • Zak struggles with what to do with Lisa’s ashes.
  • Diane lets slip to Wendy and Lee that Victoria is pregnant.
  • The police reveal the likely mother of the baby’s remains.
  • David sets up a gamer tag to try and get through to Jacob.
  • Faith tries to seduce Eric and prove she loves him.
  • Sam and Lydia streak across Home Farm field.

Monday 1st July

Victoria is shaken when Lee’s mum Wendy follows her into the toilets and brands her a liar. Caught off guard, Victoria is lost for words but Charity intervenes to support her. Meanwhile, Eric clocks a suspicious exchange between Faith and Bear and their relationship hits the rocks.

Dawn returns home and hears Harriet telling Laurel how much she means to her.

Tuesday 2nd July Part One

Faith pulls out all of the stops and gets glammed up before heading to the pub and putting on her best seduction routine to prove her love for Eric – but is it too late? Elsewhere, Sam and Lydia streak across the grounds of Home Farm, giving Megan and Lydia quite the sight!

Lee and Wendy confront Victoria again and as Amy gets in their faces, Victoria retreats to the Mill, only for them to follow her. As she backs away, she falls and Diane accidentally mentions the baby.

Tuesday 2nd July Part Two

Zak and the Dingles are given Lisa’s ashes but he is at a loss over what to do with them. Meanwhile Doug tries to make things up to Brenda while it’s crunch time for Eric and Faith.

Lee and Wendy reel from the revelation of Victoria’s pregnancy.

Wednesday 3rd July

As Jessie reveals in the Woolpack that the police have found bones at the school, an investigation is launched and the mystery soon deepens.

Jacob applies for a visiting order to go and see Maya. Victoria worries about the future.

Thursday 4th July

Hour long episode.

David confronts Jacob about going to see Maya but despite trying to approach the situation delicately, it ends in another row. Later, David has an idea and decides to set up his own gaming account. Once he has done that, he then searches for Jacob’s tag to strike up a conversation.

The police make an alarming discovery as the investigation into the bones continues.

Friday 5th July

Brenda despairs as an over enthusiastic Doug injures his back. Meanwhile, David puts his plan into action but will Jacob let his guard down?

Meanwhile, someone looks set to get some upsetting news.

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