Dean McDermott 'wants to file for divorce' from Tori Spelling but cash-strapped star 'can't afford expensive split'

DEAN McDermott “wants to file for divorce” from Tori Spelling but “can’t afford the expensive split” right now, a source exclusively told The Sun. 

Dean, 54, and Tori, 48, have not been seen together in months, sparking rumors the pair have split- but a source told The Sun that while "Dean wants to file- he just can't afford it.” 

“Tori and Dean are totally stuck together right now. Neither of them can afford to go through divorce proceedings.” 

Their financial burden is significant. 

The source noted: “They have five kids and a ton of pets," and added on top of the expenses "Their home is always a disaster- it's just a total mess.” 

The insider added: “Right now divorce isn't on the horizon because they can't swing it financially. They are in a living nightmare.” 

Tori and Dean sparked split rumors after they ditched their wedding rings and hadn’t been seen together in months.  

A source previously told The Sun that when Dean was working on projects in Canada recently that "He was happy to be going away and he was ready to be done with his marriage when he returned.”   

When Dean got back from his trip he was greeted with “bills that had piled up. And a lot of those bills are in part because they have so many pets.”  

The source added that not only are the pets expensive, but they create “a huge mess. It’s just another thing they fight about.”  

Not only are Tori and Dean constantly fighting, but they also aren’t sleeping together.  

The insider added: “They don’t share a bedroom. They are sort of stuck. He financially can’t afford to really move out right now." 



Adding fuel to rumors that their marriage is in dire trouble, both Tori and Dean have been photographed running errands without their wedding rings on over the past week.   

On Saturday, Dean stopped for gas in Los Angeles with a bare ring finger on his left hand.  

It was the first time Dean has been seen without his ring, as rumors swirl about the couple splitting in secret.  

He looked somber as he filled his car up with gas sans the ring from his 2006 wedding to the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress.  

There have been various signs the famous pair may have parted ways, including Tori leaving Dean out of the family Christmas card and their Easter photo.  

Tori also ran errands in her Calabasas neighborhood without her wedding ring.  

She first appeared to have ditched her wedding ring back in March while on a day trip to the farmer's market with her children.  

The TV star even celebrated the Fourth of July holiday as well as her eldest daughter's birthday without Dean by her side.  

The two did not acknowledge their wedding anniversary this year or each other on Mother's and Father's Day.  

Earlier this week, Tori took out "wife" from her Instagram bio.  

The 48-year-old's Instagram bio read that's she an "actress, mother, writer, and DIYer," however, it fails to mention she is a wife.  

Meanwhile, Dean's Instagram bio does mention Tori, as he notes he is "married to the love of my life."  

Neither Tori nor Dean have shared photos with their significant other on their social media platforms.  

The couple share five kids: daughters Stella, 13, and Hattie, nine, and sons Liam, 14, Finn, eight, and Beau, four.  

During an interview on the SiriusXM Radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, Tori also revealed that she has not been sharing a bed with the Canadian actor.  

She said: "You know what. Right now my kids and dogs sleep in my bed.” 

When Jeff asked if Dean has been staying in the guest room, she replied: "He’s in a room." 

During the same chat, Tori shocked her listeners and said: "… Since he left, this is not good you guys. But since he left, he was gone for six months filming in another country. They all stayed with me.  

"So I currently still have four in the bedroom with me who have yet to go back to their rooms. Yes… They have beds in there, and two sleep in bed with me. And Pets. Three dogs…" 

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