Death aftermath, ghost terror, Gray attacks and 7 more EastEnders spoilers

It’s the week after an unforgettable series of events in EastEnders and as at least one person is dead, the consequences spiral out of control for those left behind. Meanwhile, as Bianca Butcher (Patsy Palmer) drops a major bombshell, Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) faces fresh trauma.

In other Walford developments, new visions of Lucy Beale push Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) to the edge, with terrifying altercations. And Daniel (Adrian Edmondson) has bad news to tell Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

Here are the latest spoilers for EastEnders:

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Chantelle passes her assessment at work – and defies Gray.
  • Tina is tempted to go abroad with Shirley to do a job for Phil.
  • The aftermath of the shooting hangs heavy over Walford.
  • Bianca drops a bombshell on Tiffany as they plan their weekend away.
  • Bobby is stunned when he discovers the truth about Ian’s past with Eainie.
  • Jean goes through with her operation.
  • Gray attacks Chantelle when she is late for their meal.
  • Visions of Lucy push Bobby to the brink.
  • Daniel shares some devastating news with Jean.
  • Stuart tries to support Rainie.

Monday 9th September

Chantelle prepares for her assessment at work and with the support of those around her, she passes. Gray arrives back and as everyone celebrates Chantelle’s success, Gray takes cruel action. He then insists that Chantelle comes home and is forced to hide her anger when she refuses.

Shirley suggests to Tina that they go abroad to take on a job Phil wants done and she is tempted while the ramifications of the deadly events at the Vic hit several families hard.

Tuesday 10th September

Bianca prepares for her weekend away and Sonia is annoyed when Bianca brushes off her fears about Bex. Keegan makes Tiffany doubt going with Bianca, leading her to have a heart to heart with her mum. But soon, Bianca drops a huge bombshell.

Ian confronts Rainie and Bobby is stunned to overhear about their past. Ian apologises to Bobby and Bobby accepts but is later plagued by more visions of Lucy. As he struggles to cope, the memories overwhelm him.

Gray feels left out by the Taylors and lashes out at Chantelle but she stands up to him. Later, she makes a shocking discovery. Jean lies about her operation to stop people fussing while Stuart tries to support Rainie.

Thursday 12th September

Rainie and Bobby’s clash explodes and when Rainie divulges details of her night with Ian, Bobby is devastated and throws a bucket of water over his dad. Max tries to intervene and suggests Ian is honest with his son. But things are proving too difficult to Bobby, who is driven to drastic action.

Daniel tries to distract Jean ahead of her operation but she notices that he is not himself and presses him. Kat later arrives and promises Jean she is not alone. Phil overhears a conversation between Sonia and Bianca and arranges a gift.

Chantelle faces up to the competition – with an unexpected model turning up. Rainie uses Abi to her advantage.

Friday 13th September

Jean is elated after her operation and Kat gets Stacey on the phone. Daniel arrives and shares his devastating news with Jean – his cancer has spread. Ian is at a loss over how to help Bobby and Max suggests that Bobby stays with him.

Gray messages Chantelle constantly while she is doing well at the competition and she gives up her place. When she returns home, Gray attacks her. Bianca, Robbie and Sonia reminisce about old times.

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