Devastated Molly Mae reveals her chipped ‘real’ teeth after getting bonds removed | The Sun

MOLLY Mae Hague has revealed a constant battle with a chipped tooth after removing her composite bonds to return to her original pearly whites.

Last year, the Filter tan brand founder, 23, spent £5.8K to reverse cosmetic procedures in favour of a more "natural" look.

The social media influencer was open in her dental appointments and told how she was having her perfectly white teeth "toned down" to make them look more natural.

Molly revealed she had had her composite bonds removed to unveil her natural and what she dubbed “extremely yellow” teeth.

Since then, she has been under the care of Manchester's Ru Dental yet all has not gone completely to plan, as the edge bonding on one of her teeth has chipped for a sixth time.

Molly took to her YouTube channel on Thursday to showcase an image "glow up" – before showing off the chip on the left side of her teeth.


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She told fans: "I don't know what to do about this edge bonding because I absolutely love my edge bonding, I really really do, and I'm pleased with the way my teeth are looking at the minute.

"They are not quite as white as I'd like them but looks-wise and natural-ness I really like them.

"I am so much happier with them like this but this edge bonding is not manageable, it just keeps breaking."

Pretty Little Thing's creative director went on to say how the dentists warned her of the "very fragile" nature of the bonding and how it was likely to chip.

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She took her camera into the clinic to share before and after images of her teeth with and without bonding.

At the end of the video, she showed how the newly-applied edge bonding had already chipped.

She told how she was discussing options with her dentist and said: "He is amazing at doing bonding so so natural.

"But I know I went into this whole process of going back more natural and I want to stick with that, it's just how I can do it without going back to the dentist all of the time because my teeth keep chipping and it's not a good look."

After having her composite bonding removed last year, she told how her teeth were a “lot smaller and doesn’t fill her mouth as much.

Molly Mae said: "As you can see they are a bit yellow which is kind of disgusting but they haven’t been touched for about two years.

“The main thing for me was to make sure my teeth were in good condition and my gums were in good condition because I got my composite bonds when I was 19.

“I don’t think that was a particularly smart move to be doing that so young when I didn’t need to.”

At the time, she admitted she would be returning to the dentist to have her teeth whitnened because her teeth are “as yellow as the sun.”

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Molly explained how attempting to immediately whiten her teeth after the removal of her bonds had caused extreme sensitivity leaving them a ‘gold-y shade.’

In the course of her natural look journey, the Vlogger revealed in 2020 how she was having her lip fillers – which she has had since she was 17-years-old – dissolved in favour of a less cosmetic look.

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