Devastating new Corrie pictures reveal funeral tragedy

Coronation Street cast and crew have been filming heartbreaking scenes which will follow the devastating death of Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn), who will lose her battle with cancer next month. Katie recently filmed her final scenes as the fan favourite and after she passes away, it will have serious consequences for her broken husband – and the father of her baby son, Bertie – Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

After Sinead passes away, Daniel feels lost and hits self destruct – with pictures having already shown him passing out in the street after downing a bottle of booze. And when the day of her funeral arrives, he is set to shut himself off from the world and try and ignore that it is happening.

Understandably, facing up to the reality that his wife has gone is something that Daniel wants to avoid so when Sinead is laid to rest, he goes out for a remote walk with Bertie. Worried that Daniel will regret giving up his last opportunity to say goodbye to the woman he loves, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) tracks him down.

But has Daniel’s mind already been made up?

Rob and Chris were spotted filming intense and emotive scenes in the countryside as Peter tries to get through to a numb Daniel. Daniel is seen making a call but is he changing his mind or is he just trying to blank Peter out?

Rob recently confirmed to that we would see Daniel struggle in the wake of the tragedy and that he could even repeat the same mistakes of his father as he becomes a single dad to Bertie.

Can Peter and the rest of the family pull together to help Daniel through this terrible time? Or is there no coming back from this?

With Sinead set to pass away in episodes which air this October, Daniel hasn’t got much time left with her. The episodes promise to be some of the Street’s most harrowing and heartbreaking this year.

And it seems like the aftermath is going to be just as difficult to watch.

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