Donald Trump Vs. Joe Biden: Polls Close In Key Swing States

The time has finally arrived, as the first polls closed in ket swing states that will decide whether Donald Trump is reelected or ousted in favor of Joe Biden.

Polls closed at 7 PM ET in Georgia and the eastern part of Florida, and North Carolina’s cutoff was scheduled for 7:30 PM ET, although some precincts had extended hours.

CNN called Indiana, where polls closed at 6 PM ET, for Trump, but that was expected.

Earlier, CNN and other outlets revealed the results of exit poll information that revealed what issues were most important to voters, but it was difficult to discern whether the data was more favorable to Trump or Biden.

Statistical guru Nate Silver cautioned, “Nothing I’ve seen or heard about the exit polls give me confidence that they’ve figured out how to balance the different types of votes that are coming in. Lots of weird, somewhat incongruous results based on what’s been reported. I would ignore.”

Networks were cautioning viewers not to read too much into the early returns, given the potential disparity in those who voted early or by mail or who voted in person. That was the case with Kentucky, which initially showed a Biden lead but it flipped before the final results were in. Most of the networks have been presenting results in context of the expected vote, rather than precincts reporting as they have done in previous cycles.

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